Feature Friday: A Cengage Ambassador Interview from 36,000 Feet

A freshman at Santa Monica College majoring in Sociology, Francisco is one of our newest Cengage Student Ambassadors.

As we traveled back to California from the Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst annual convention in Nashville (the second half of his first experience flying, FYI), we talked about his college experience and his work as a Cengage Student Ambassador. Read more

Activate MindTap and Get Extra Writing Help From an Online Personal Tutor!

Writing effectively is an art. Taylor Swift has written entire albums, and she still has her share of critics!

But you’re not writing for millions of fans, and your friends at Cengage want you to nail your next essay. Read more

The Student Pulse Podcast: How College Courses Will Look in 5… 10… 25 Years!

Join Brandon and Natalie—two college students—as they discuss and interview students around the country on how college courses will look in the future.

Tune in to The Student Pulse podcast—we suggest you bookmark it, or better yet, subscribe now 🙂 Read more

Feeling Stressed? Try These Five Things!

Hey, you’re a college student who’s stressed—you’re definitely not alone! Need some ideas to help you get through those tough moments?

Check out this list of five ideas that might just relieve the college stress you’re feeling! Read more

Preparing For a Hurricane in College

College students are famous for procrastination, but preparing for a hurricane should not be something we procrastinate.

I’m from South Florida, and I’ve had a lot of personal experiences with hurricanes. When I moved from Florida to Tennessee, I stopped taking hurricane warnings seriously. I quickly learned this was unwise when the city of Tallahassee was out of power for four days, and every nearby supermarket was cleaned out of basic supplies. Read more

A Letter to My Future Self From My College Self…

Dear Future Me,

Looking back at those past four college years, they definitely did fly by. Read more

The Student Pulse Podcast: The Importance of Authenticity

Join Brandon and Natalie—two college students—as they discuss and interview students around the country on all things “college”.

Tune in to The Student Pulse podcast—we suggest you bookmark it now 🙂 Read more

Summer Reads for College Students

Whether you’re off on a lengthy plane ride somewhere far away, headed to the beach, or just looking for something to keep your brain busy this summer, books have your back.

There is an endless number of books out there, so finding a good book can often prove difficult. Here are some of my personal favorites to help you out. Read more

Achieve Your Goals—Make Them SMART

Setting goals is one of the easiest things you can do today. You might choose to start a new diet, learn a new language, do some organizing, or go to the gym. Just saying you want to do something is never enough. It takes action to achieve goals.

I had a problem with acting on my goals until I learned about SMART goals. They help you achieve your goals no matter how small or big they are! Read more

15 Fun Facts about Student Ambassador Jessica Bramlett

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Bramlett, and I’m your student ambassador from Oregon State University. Everyone has quirks or fun facts unique to themselves, so today I’m here to share a few of mine!

It’s about time we embrace what makes each of us unique! Read more