Paying for college: Are small scholarships worth the essay?

It’s common knowledge: apply for scholarships and you’ll be better able to afford college, right? Certainly, large scholarships are the best ones to receive: $10k or $25k off of that $70k per year college bill makes a huge difference in the amount you have to cover. I wonder now if I should have applied for more scholarships–even small ones that would cover my books (or groceries!)–to limit the amount of debt I’m leaving college with.

Let us help you decide which scholarships to apply for. (Credit:

Let us help you decide which scholarships to apply for. (Credit:

For high school seniors or returning students looking for tips on paying for college, consider whether it’s worth applying for a small scholarship, especially if it requires a brand new scholarship essay. Read more

Don’t throw out that plastic bottle! Here’s how to reuse it

Do you feel guilty every time you buy a drink that comes in a plastic bottle? I do. So I decided to look for ways to recycle and reduce my plastic pollution footprint. What I found is lots of DIY ideas on how to use plastic bottles for jewelry, storage and even DIY decor.

What ways do you recycle plastic bottles? (Credit:

What ways do you recycle plastic bottles? (Credit:

With enough plastic bottles maybe I could even start a side business selling this stuff! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me show you what I found on how to be a plastic bottle recycler. Read more

Would Bernie Sanders’s free tuition plan help all college students?

Free tuition? Sounds like a dream! I would love to be able to graduate from college without being saddled with loads of college debt. It will take me years to pay off my loans, and my parents will have loans from my college, my younger sister’s college tuition, and my mother’s master’s degree program to pay off.

What do you think about Bernie Sanders's free tuition idea? (Credit:

What do you think about Bernie Sanders’s free tuition idea? (Credit:

The rise in college prices is a big hurdle–which is why so many college students are attracted to Bernie Sanders’s proposal for free tuition to state colleges. And it’s why we don’t really want to hear Hillary Clinton poke holes in the plan. Read more

Financial aid eligibility requirements for college students

Unfortunately, for many college students how you picked what school you would be attending probably came down to the financial aid package you were offered. Of course you opted for the school that was giving you the most money! But what you may have overlooked in your excitement over all those grants, scholarships and loans is the eligibility requirements and strings attached to that money.

Do you understand your financial aid eligibility requirements? (Credit: UNTHSC)

Do you understand your financial aid eligibility requirements? (Credit: UNTHSC)

What are the things you need to know about keeping your financial aid, once you’ve gotten it? Read on for more information to keep you in the know. Read more

Your student loan debt and the presidential candidates

The 2016 election is mere months away and the presidential candidates on both sides have been narrowed a bit. For college students, one of the big issues in this campaign cycle has been student loans. Now the latest news has a debt clock tracking the increasing student loan debt rate.

Find out the views of presidential candidates on student loan debt. (Credit: CNNS)

Find out the views of presidential candidates on student loan debt. (Credit: CNNS)

The clock was created by the education data site StartClass for MarketWatch. How will this issue play out when November 2016 rolls around? Read more

Ideas on how to spice up your sneakers on campus this spring

Spring is just around the corner and soon you’ll be thinking about spring outfit ideas. One of the must haves is bound to be sneakers. They’re comfortable and affordable and can go just about anywhere.

They come in all kinds of colors but even so, you can save money by coming up with your own fashion ideas to make your sneakers stand out. Here are some cool DIY ideas for warm weather footwear. Read more

3 things college students have in common and how this intern can relate

There are many aspects of college life that intertwine our experiences and give us a relatable context as students.

What ideas can you offer on how college students can make money? (Credit:

What ideas can you offer on how college students can make money? (Credit:

We the students have our own sense of creed and as a student writer I have noticed a few key components to the college experience that demonstrate the fact that we are indeed, in the same boat! Read more

3 money saving ideas that might actually work!

It’s not easy being a poor college student. While I balance studying for classes with work study and other jobs on campus, I will still end up with a huge student loan balance to pay off after graduation. Lucky for me, my food is included in those loans, and I eat most of my meals in the cafeteria. But some college students aren’t so lucky, and turn to ramen noodles just to stay full.



Everyone could use some ideas to help them with how to save money (I can always use a few extra ways to make my budget go farther), but when you live in student housing and have to manage life on campus, it can be extra difficult. Take a look at these three ways to save money… you might find something that will work for you! Read more

Is psychology the right major for you?

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors and often ranks at the top for most colleges and universities. College students who want to study psychology are often cultivated by schools. Yet critics say that there are too many psychology majors who have little prospect for a decent career after they graduate.

Are you interested in a psychology major? (Credit:

Are you interested in a psychology major? (Credit:

Here is some information to contradict the critics. When choosing a major, psychology can still be in the running. Read more

You need to file your tax return: Here’s how

By now you should have received your W2s (if not, you better check on that!) and now you’re probably wondering what to do next. The good news is that the tax return deadline for your federal tax return gives you a whopping three more days this year(!). But if you expect a tax refund, then file as soon as you can.

File your tax return so you don't get in trouble. (Credit: Pexels)

File your tax return so you don’t get in trouble. (Credit: Pexels)

To get you started, I’ve put together some tax tips and info on how you can check on your tax refund status. Here’s what college students need to help you hack your taxes. Read more