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How Music Playlists Can Boost Productivity

It’s no secret that music can create a more upbeat atmosphere. It is scientifically proven that advertisers use music to encourage sales, athletes tend to perform better with it, even in relationships music is known to “set the mood”. But increase productivity? Now that was something I had to check up on. And so, I did. Turns out music and productivity have a generally high relationship; shows why some people can’t function without bringing their headphones to work.

Although there are many genres of music out there that have proven successful when encouraging productive behavior in the workplace, here’s what stood out to me: Read more

Black History Month: Celebrating The Most Influential in History

During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate those who have been influential in history. African Americans have been behind an array of inventions, laws, and scientific advancements.

Thurgood Marshall, a well-known Black History leader. (Credit: Insider Monkey)

Thurgood Marshall, a well-known Black History leader. (Credit: Insider Monkey)

We often hear about the same African Americans in history; Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, and Oprah. Leaving others left in the shadows. Read more

Advice I Would’ve Given Myself in High School

As I progress to my second semester of college, I have been reflecting a lot on my high school career and all the things I would’ve done differently. These things include academic endeavors and even social events that I would or wouldn’t have gone to.

So, without further ado, here is some advice that I would’ve given myself in high school. Read more

4 Ways To Go Green on Your Campus

Being a college student can not only be expensive, but it can be very wasteful as well. The plastic water bottles you bring to class each day and the paper cup full of coffee you throw away can add up each day and each semester.

Make your campus a cleaner place when you go green. (Credit: Civic Arts Project)

Make your campus a cleaner place when you go green. (Credit: Civic Arts Project)

Our generation can make a difference in the environment now, and here are some ways you can do this on your campus: Read more

Video: Believe In The Power of YOU

Is your favorite person in the whole wide world someone who inspires you? Are they proud to see how far you’ve come? We invited three college students to the Cengage office in New York City to learn about how they beat the odds to get into, and thrive in college. Little did they know, we had a surprise in store for them. Watch their stories unfold…

We believe in the power of you. Share this with everyone who inspires confidence in you. #beunstoppable

Overcoming a tragedy: Orlando Strong

It was Sunday morning. Tragedy struck, so at first I didn’t believe the news. I could not fathom the truth, that hate and sorrow had gained control of my city overnight. My first thoughts were that while I was fast asleep, dreaming about a better life, others were wide awake fighting for their own.

The Orlando Eye, lit with rainbow colors the night following the Orlando tragedy. (Credit: Daniel Myers)

The Orlando Eye, lit with rainbow colors the night following the Orlando tragedy. (Credit: Daniel Myers)

Some stories said they hadn’t caught the shooter yet. I woke up afraid for my life too. 49 people died that morning, and 53 people survived. The wound hasn’t completely healed, and for others it is still fresh. Read more

Traveling as a student: 4 things to prepare for before going on a trip

Whether it be before for a job, break, or vacation, traveling during a college semester is so much more stressful than it was in high school.

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

On your next trip, make sure you read these tips to have a successful time away: Read more

Should you apply to be a Cengage Student Ambassador?

Look no further! We have rounded up more information on the program and have added the link to apply right here!

Have any more questions? Ask below!


Natalie is a neuroscience major on a pre-medical track at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She is a member of Nu Rho Si, a neuroscience honor society and is also a member of the organization Ohio Health Aid. With her degree, she plans to attend medical school at The Ohio State University and eventually become a Neurologist.

Apart from her school extracurricular activities, Natalie enjoys spending her time jogging around campus, meeting new people, and playing sand volleyball with her intramural team. She is also passionate about health and helping others, which is why she wishes to pursue a personal training certification. Apart from helping others in fitness, Natalie also loves helping others achieve their academic goals, which is why she pursued a job as a student ambassador. She is excited to represent the company and to be a part of the Cengage Team!

Why should you become a Cengage Student Ambassador?

If you are reading this then hopefully you are interested in becoming a Cengage Student Ambassador! First off let me say congratulations on taking the initiative of doing research on a potential opportunity you have in front of you. Being a Cengage Student Ambassador is an awesome experience that I have loved every second of, and if you join our team I know that you will love it, too!

I wanted to write this blog to give you an idea of what being a student ambassador is all about and hopefully help you decide if this is an opportunity that you are interested in pursuing. Read more

3 organization tips for a successful college student

Let’s face it, organization is the bane of existence for any college student. However, for the unorganized student, packing your things at the end of the semester is always the best part of the year. You think you lost every single left sock, but then magically they all appear from the depths of the dirty laundry pile that hasn’t been touched for a few weeks… only to be lost again after one use.

Start the school year with some helpful organization tips. (Credit: Tumblr)

Start the school year with some helpful organization tips. (Credit: Tumblr)

If you are thinking to yourself, “I know where every single left sock I own is” then this post is not for you, although I hardly believe it. Organization is key to a stress free college life, I promise you that. Knowing where everything is in your dorm makes life just simpler. Here are some tips to becoming a more organized person while you are at college. Read more