What college students remember about the good old days

College has changed significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so as technology evolves. University students are adapting to new devices, apps, rules and standards. As we continue to move forward, lets pay tribute to the good old days and look at the things we used to know and the way they have changed.

It’s on every syllabus we’ve ever received- 12 point Times New Roman ONLY! Is Times New Roman dead though? Read more

7 study tips to help you ace your next exam

College students dread this time of year – midterms. It’s worse when one midterm and one final exam constitute your whole grade. But if you practice good study habits, you can excel.

How I feel every time I study for exams. (Credit: GraphJam.com)

How I feel every time I study for exams. (Credit: GraphJam.com)

It just takes some common sense, prioritizing and determination. Here are some college tips on how to study effectively. Read more

Let’s brush up on those concentration and study skills

The whole purpose of college, at least according to your parents, is for you to study hard, learn lots and start living off your own dime—or something like that. But you probably have some other ideas about how to spend your four (or so) years of higher education.

Remember to stay focused.

Remember to stay focused.

I’ve got some tips that will improve concentration and boost your study skills quotient exponentially so you can have fun without sacrificing learning. Read on for everything from technology tips to old school tried-and-true “how to study” methods to get you that A. Read more

3 things to expect from your online courses

Online courses… Depending on who you ask they are either the best or the worst way to rack up your 120 semester credits. So how can that be? How can something as trivial as an online class cause such a divide? One word. Expectations! Like everything else in life, it’s all about expectations. Online courses aren’t any better or worse than other courses, they’re just different.

Go into it knowing that (especially if you’re a noob) and you’ll be fine. However, if you decide to take an online course and expect it to be similar to the traditional classes and lectures you’re used to… You’re gonna have a bad time. Read more

You ask, we answer: Don’t smash that online class just yet!

Dear J,

I have my first online class this semester. While I thought it was a for sure thing, it has proven to be one of my most difficult courses. I am already behind and I don’t know what to do! I hate emailing the professor and seeming like I’m begging. Should I cut my losses and drop it?!

Thank you!

Crystal V

Hey Crystal,

It’s ok, this is how everyone feels about online classes! They are deceiving! Read more

10 English grammar rules to live by

With term paper writing season just around the corner, here are 10 English grammar rules and style tips so your writing is up to snuff (that means good!).

This is why grammar is important, people. (Credit: Playbuzz)

This is why grammar is important, people. (Credit: Playbuzz)

You can also use these writing tips to make your blogs, Facebook and journals more professional. Read more

4 ways to avoid feeling overstressed

My name is Maeve Clair and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Biology and Psychology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine, so my schedule consists of mostly science classes right now. Having completed three semesters of college, I am very familiar with the feeling of stress.

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

Although I wish I could, I cannot tell you that there is a quick fix to never feeling stressed in college. Fortunately, I can provide you with a few ways to prevent feeling overstressed with your college course load. Read more

How the FREE MindTap Mobile App will meet your college needs

With a bit of research – wait, let me rephrase that – with an extensive amount of research, the MindTap Mobile App was officially built with the help of college students (who better to help?!) to determine how mobile access could most benefit them.

Based on those findings, there are several key features that will be available through the FREE MindTap Mobile App. Let’s get right to the point and show you how it will meet your academic needs. Read more

Where to find reliable sources in your own filter bubble [Hint: not Wikipedia!]

One of the great things about writing papers right now is how easy it is to type in your topic in a search engine and voila! Information, right at your fingertips! I love how quickly I can grab information on the go, just using my smart phone. But the tricky thing about all the information that’s available is sorting through the reliable sources and the not-so-reliable sources.

Can you tell what reliable sources look like? (Credit: Heahea.org)

Can you tell what reliable sources look like? (Credit: Heahea.org)

This is made even more difficult when you take into account something professors like Siva Vaidhyanathan calls Googlization, and writers like Eli Pariser call the Filter Bubble: helpful personalization of your search algorithm by your search engine ends up feeding you a search bias—your search results are more likely to show you information that supports your own ideas than contradicts them, which can be truly hazardous for a research paper. Here are some tips you need to know on sorting the good sources from the bad. Read more

6 tips on college life from upperclassmen

I was kind of green when I started college and didn’t think to go to upperclassmen for advice. (Actually, I was a bit intimidated by them!) But if I had taken the chance, I would have learned that they are just like you and me, only with a couple of extra years of experience under their belt.

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit: imgflip.com)

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit: imgflip.com)

So feel like you can go to them with questions about navigating college life. Upperclassmen are a good resource for giving freshmen and other college students advice and tips for surviving college. Read more