Let’s brush up on those concentration and study skills

The whole purpose of college, at least according to your parents, is for you to study hard, learn lots and start living off your own dime—or something like that. But you probably have some other ideas about how to spend your four (or so) years of higher education.

Remember to stay focused.

Remember to stay focused.

I’ve got some tips that will improve concentration and boost your study skills quotient exponentially so you can have fun without sacrificing learning. Read on for everything from technology tips to old school tried-and-true “how to study” methods to get you that A. Read more

3 things to expect from your online courses

Online courses… Depending on who you ask they are either the best or the worst way to rack up your 120 semester credits. So how can that be? How can something as trivial as an online class cause such a divide? One word. Expectations! Like everything else in life, it’s all about expectations. Online courses aren’t any better or worse than other courses, they’re just different.

Go into it knowing that (especially if you’re a noob) and you’ll be fine. However, if you decide to take an online course and expect it to be similar to the traditional classes and lectures you’re used to… You’re gonna have a bad time. Read more

4 ways to avoid feeling overstressed

My name is Maeve Clair and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Biology and Psychology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine, so my schedule consists of mostly science classes right now. Having completed three semesters of college, I am very familiar with the feeling of stress.

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

Although I wish I could, I cannot tell you that there is a quick fix to never feeling stressed in college. Fortunately, I can provide you with a few ways to prevent feeling overstressed with your college course load. Read more

6 tips on college life from upperclassmen

I was kind of green when I started college and didn’t think to go to upperclassmen for advice. (Actually, I was a bit intimidated by them!) But if I had taken the chance, I would have learned that they are just like you and me, only with a couple of extra years of experience under their belt.

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit: imgflip.com)

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit: imgflip.com)

So feel like you can go to them with questions about navigating college life. Upperclassmen are a good resource for giving freshmen and other college students advice and tips for surviving college. Read more

You ask, we answer: To drop, or not to drop?

Dear J,

I have this class that I HATE and want to drop, but it’s past the drop date! Should I drop it anyways and lose out on the credit and not get my money back? I don’t think I can pass this class and the professor is very demanding. I feel like I don’t have time for this but I don’t want to lose the money or set myself back!

Almost enough to make you want to drop your class. (Credit: MemesHappen)

Almost enough to make you want to drop your class. (Credit: MemesHappen)

You need a pros and cons list! You also need to prioritize your expectations. How important is your GPA to you? Read more

Outwit your roommate: Snag the best study spot on campus

Finding the best study spot on campus should be one of your top priorities going into each semester. That way, when you’re struggling to study in your dorm while your roommate blasts their music (unless of course you focus better with a little noise) you can get the heck out and know exactly where to go.

Here we offer some ideas on where you should study – and we don’t recommend you tell anyone about them. [Hint: Areas where WiFi is available] Read more

You’re studying the wrong way: Here’s why

What may work for your best friend, roommate or fellow classmates may not work for you when it comes to studying. I don’t know about you, but I personally cannot study in a library! It may sound crazy, but I always become distracted – listening/singing to iTunes, chatting it up with people I know, browsing Twitter, Instagram, etc….the list goes on and on.

While I like to accompany my friends to the library, I’ve realized that I need to say “no” when the offer is extended if I want to get in an effective study session. Getting good grades in college is super important for your future so now is as good a time as any to figure out how you’re studying wrong and what you should do about it before it’s too late. Read more

8 college tips for surviving the second semester

Like other college students, I got over the fear of my very first semester and looked forward to my second. Even after a few years, the second semester always felt easier to approach.

Are you ready to take on the second semester? (Credit: College Media Matters)

Are you ready to take on the second semester? (Credit: College Media Matters)

I created my own do-it-yourself guide for surviving (and flourishing) in the second semester. Here are some college tips for the second semester. Read more

You ask, we answer: Help me boost my motivation level!

Dear J,

I literally have zero motivation. What should I do?

What now,

Lexi W.

Hi Lexi,

I get it. It’s that point in the semester where you just lose motivation to do anything. Read more

10 do’s and don’ts of finals week for college students

As a college student preparing for finals week, priorities become a little off and we start to wonder if it’s ever going to end. Well, it’s almost over!

Learn the do's and don'ts of finals week here. (Credit: Pexels)

Learn the do’s and don’ts of finals week here. (Credit: Pexels)

In the last weeks until finals, here are the five do’s and the five don’ts to help keep you on track and motivated. Read more