College life: Can I keep a pet in the college dorms?

Pets in college dorms

Pets in college dorms

“It’s been a while since I left home and I miss my cat.” “My dog must really miss me and wonder where I am.” You might be asking, “Can I keep a pet in the college dorms?” Some schools have strict policies against college students having animals on campus, while others are on the forefront of allowing family pets in dorms. Pets improve student health as they provide young adults comfort during the stressful parts of college life. Here are some top points to keep in mind when considering a pet at college. Read more

Do I need to get vaccinated this flu season?

You're actually sick?I’m a young, healthy college student. Do I need to get vaccinated this flu season? That’s a great question. While it’s true that vaccination is recommended for people at risk of getting the flu, like the elderly and children, this population also includes college students who live in a densely populated community. Influenza is very contagious, and symptoms of the flu can pop up in places where people have close contact with others. Getting a flu shot is a matter of promoting positive preventive health behavior. Read more

College student budget: Should you splurge on the Apple iPhone 5?

On Friday, September 21, 2012, the Apple iPhone 5 was unleashed. With it came a slew of college students flocking to retailers in hopes of getting their hands on the newest technology. Some had been waiting in line since Thursday. Others were disappointed to find sold-out stores. One student, a senior at Tufts University in Massachusetts, was not only able to get his hands on the new iPhone, he was also able to sell his spot in line for $460 as reported by the Tufts Daily. But what is so monumental about the newest iPhone? What does it have that the other iPhones don’t? Most importantly, is it worth dropping hundreds of dollars on this device? Read more

College scholarships: Begin your search here and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running this school year!

Scholarship researchLet’s face it: college isn’t getting any cheaper and loan rates are rising whether we like it or not. Why not alleviate some of that unnecessary stress by applying for scholarships to help pay for your education now? Need a kick in the pants to get started? Keep reading on to learn where to begin, get tips from the pros and apply for some very unusual college scholarships! Read more

Good, better, best — How to write a winning scholarship essay

Scholarship essay

(Photo by Stefan Smythe)

You’re getting your groove around campus. Giving class the ‘ole college try. But if you didn’t realize it before moving into the dorm, higher education has a pretty steep price tag these days, and a little extra cash sure could help pay for tuition. Grab your share of the available monetary help out there by learning how to write a winning scholarship essay.

Think before applying

What this means is, if you aren’t skilled in underwater basket weaving, don’t apply for a scholarship centered on that skill. Read more

Dean’s office, financial aid office and others help students navigate support services

Campus resourcesIf you’re new to campus life, don’t miss out on all the helpful services available to you just because you’re not sure where they are or how they can help. Check out these seven campus offices you should learn about to help you better navigate your college experience.

Dean’s Office

This is the go-to place for help and support on classes, student life, school policy and administration. Your school may have several deans of specific areas of academics, so get a list of each one and how they can be reached. Read more

Back to school with the iPhone 5, new Angry Birds app, Living Social deals and online trends

South Korean rapper Psy’s "Gangnam Style"

South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

Totally trending: It’s our Internet and technology roundup

Back to school and realizing that your smart phone is tragically out of date, you don’t know how to get the best local deals, and you need something to do on your study breaks besides the old Angry Birds? Check out the latest news on the iPhone 5 release (and other smart phones that might be up your alley), cool websites for local deals and the latest apps and online trends! Read more

Surviving on campus foods: College food can also be cheap healthy food

Campus foodsWhether you have a meal plan or are on your own for college food, you can make healthy choices for snacks or meals that don’t cost a lot of money. Campus foods can often be greasy pizza and fatty burgers – cheap, fast food that doesn’t give you the benefits of eating healthy. Inexpensive, nutritious food can easily be part of dorm or college apartment life. With a microwave, mini-fridge and a counter-top grill, you can make fast, inexpensive and healthy meals while saving money not buying food on campus. Read more

College student budget: Tips on finding cheap entertainment ideas both on and off campus

Inexpensive entertainmentThe idea of going to a concert or performance on a college student budget isn’t terribly appealing! You probably have a laundry list of shows you’d love to check out, but it’s a luxury that (you think) you just can’t afford. With a little know-how though, you can fit culture into your life without burning a hole in your pocket. Cheap entertainment ideas can be found both on and off campus — it’s just up to you to go out there and find it! Follow these tips and you may not ever have to pay full price again — that is, until you graduate.

Read more

Celebrity death hoax claims Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy and Alfonso Ribeiro as latest victims

Is it true? Did Bill Cosby die? Is Eddie Murphy deceased? Will the world never again be graced by Alfonso Ribeiro’s Carlton dance? To all the fans out there, breathe easy. These are nothing more than the latest celebrity death hoaxes appearing on Facebook and Twitter. Read more