College student savings: Getting the most out of back to school deals

School suppliesGetting back into the groove of a new semester means ensuring you’ve got all the technology you need, all the dorm and living essentials and enough school supplies to stock a small office cabinet. But, those costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Read on for ways to stretch your college student budget and get the most out of back to school deals!

First things first: Take inventory

Don’t run out and hit the office supply store just because its almost school time. Read more

Dealing with confrontation: Intimidating professors, troublesome roommates

Dealing with confrontationEach new semester brings new academic and personal relationships and, unfortunately, not all of them can be a perfect match. It’s inevitable that we’ll be thrown into situations of confrontation throughout our college careers, but learning effective ways to deal with confrontation with everyone from intimidating professors to troublesome roommates can save you a great deal of stress. Make confrontation one less concern this semsemter with our back to school tips for conflict resolution.

The intimidating professor

Although some college professors seem intimidating, it is better to try to get past any negative feelings you have early in the term. An article on, posted October 09, 2007, “How to confront your college professor,” offers some tips on how to approach the unapproachable. Read more

Back to school advice: School and RA rules you should actually follow

Rules to followWhether you’re beginning your freshmen year or returning as a seasoned senior, sometimes breaking school rules comes as second nature. But, believe it or not, those pesky school rules are laid out for reason. To keep you and your friends out of trouble this semester, here are some rules you should actually pay attention to! (It’s for your own good!)

Rules to follow

Campus Explorer offers a quick look at some of the more common “On-Campus Housing and Dorm Rules.” Read more

Web Instagram, archiving instantly with Seagate backup software and other online trends

Ready for back-to-school?

Ready for back-to-school?

Hot diggity digital: It’s our Internet and technology roundup!

Have you been just too busy clicking through vacation photos on your camera to see what all your friends are sharing online? Did you know that Web Instagram may be joining its mobile counterpart? Want to make sure your Facebook pics have a backup that isn’t on the cloud? Check out some tips for keeping current in our technology roundup. Read more

New year, new start: Learning how to make and keep new school year resolutions

New school year resolutions

New school year resolutions (© AP Images via Business Wire)

Being a college student means you have to learn how to wear many different kinds of hats. Being a student, co-worker, roommate, classmate, friend, significant other, etc., can be stressful at times. Knowing how to manage your time is a good skill to acquire early on in your college career. Here’s to learning how to make and keep your new school year resolutions! Read more

College roommate trouble: How to know and what to do if you’ve chosen the wrong roommate

Roommate troubleHigh school and your parents are in the rearview mirror — life is good, right? Well, that may depend on who turns out to be sharing your dorm room. Finding a college roommate that you mesh with can be harder than it looks. And, even if you managed to hand-pick yours, things may not work out the way you planned. Here’s how to know if you may have chosen the wrong roommate and how to switch before you drive each other nuts!

Roommate compatibility

Finding a college roommate is really no different than finding a roommate at any stage in your life. The hard part is that it is probably the first time you have had to go through the process and there can be a learning curve. Read more

Car shopping for a new or used vehicle on a college student budget

Car dealership

Car dealership (Photo by Stacey Harris)

Car shopping can be stressful on any budget, especially if you’re a college student who’s on a particularly tight budget. Here’s a quick guide of things to keep in mind if you’re in the market for a new vehicle. And, if you’re not, bookmark this article to have when you’re ready and keep your college student budget on the right track!

Gas mileage

Pay attention to both the city mileage and the highway mileage. If you’re likely to spend most of your time driving longer distances, these numbers really can make a difference to your wallet and overall budget. Read more

Top news stories around the U.S. — What you missed while you were checking Facebook and Twitter

Grain belt drought

Grain belt drought (Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture)

I know, I know, it may seem hard to believe that there is much more going on in the country than what your friends post in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. To keep you in the know, check out these top news stories from around the U.S. that you may have missed while reading what your ex is doing over the weekend.

Higher Ed degrees: Worth their weight?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. employs “115,000 janitors, 83,000 bartenders, 323,000 restaurant servers and 80,000 heavy-duty truck drivers with bachelor’s degrees.” Read more

2012 presidential election: How to begin registering and researching who to vote for in the November election

Students registering to vote

Students registering to vote (Photo by the Knight Foundation)

The presidential election can be confusing, especially if you only catch the headlines while running on the treadmill at the gym like I do. I’m willing to bet many of you are like me, a college student who hasn’t had much time — or energy — to put into doing your own research on who’s running this year, right? Well, now that summer has arrived and you have a spare minute to breathe, here are some ways to get in the know about politics so you can rock the vote in the November 6 election! Read more

Summer fun on your college student budget!

Your summer break from school should be all about catching up on the fun times you’ve missed while classes were in full swing. You don’t have to stress about how to manage all that summer has to offer just because you’re on a college student budget! Here are some fun ways to keep yourself and your best buds occupied without breaking your bank.

Despite being on a college student budget, you can still have some fun in the sun.

Despite being on a college student budget, you can still have some fun in the sun.

Be a tourist in your own state

When you don’t have a ton of cash but want to make the most of your vacation, why not have a staycation in your own city or state? You’ll save a lot by not having to purchase plane tickets, and you can pack a few meals in your cooler to avoid the late-night stops at greasy diners. Read more