Create a cheap grocery list with spring foods in season

Springtime produce

Supermarket produce by Flickr i5design

As the temperatures rise, you may find it harder and harder to hang in the kitchen and cook up a meal. Before you turn the takeout window into your second home or overdose on ramen, consider these healthy spring foods.

It’s easy being green

Let’s face it, when it comes to eating, you want it to be fast, easy and cheap. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be bad for you. Read more

A new spin on spring outdoor activities

Spring activities: Go fly a kiteMust. Get. To. Spring. Now. After a seemingly endless midterm grind, a simple walk or picnic probably sounds like heaven, but we have ideas on how you can pump leisurely activities up to be more exhilarating. Even if you forgot what the sun looks like, remember, there is life off campus, and you deserve a piece of the action. Carpe diem! So grab your BFF, significant other or canine partner in crime and try some of these budget-friendly spring outdoor activities.

Take a hike

If your idea of taking a walk is circling that same old loop around the college track, think again. Read more

Taxes 101: How to get your IRS tax refund and education tax credit

Student IRS tax refunds

Economy (© Craig Ruttle/AP Images)

Spring is in the air. Birds are singing. But you wouldn’t know it. You’re up to your eyeballs in term papers, homework and mid-terms. The last thing on your mind is taxes, but in order to get your IRS tax refund, you have to file by April 17. If you can, have mom and dad take care of the paperwork. Then, if you wake up some night in a panic wondering, “Where is my tax return?” you’ll know that it’s in good hands. If you’re doing it yourself and have to figure it out on your own, we’ve got the steps you need to take in our Taxes 101 how to guide! Read more

Greenest colleges in America: Earth Day 2012 tips on ecolicious living

Earth Day: Lewis center solar parking pavilion

Oberlin College's Lewis Center Solar Parking Pavilion by Flickr bburgess4u

For all of you out there who think recycling means wearing the same sweater twice, look in the mirror and repeat: I can do better. College students across the nation are brimming with new ideas that are revolutionizing how we think about Earth Day 2012 and our role on this planet. Discover what colleges around the country have been doing to reduce campus carbon footprints.

And the winners are… Read more

Student success or mess? How to tank a job interview in five easy steps

Interviews can be exciting, nerve-wracking experiences. Even the most tenured professionals can make simple mistakes that can cost them a job opportunity. However, by recognizing the five most common job interview blunders I have seen college students make over the past 15 years, you can help ensure your student success by turning these mistakes into success strategies. Read more

Seven job fair tips for college students that will wow recruiters

With spring approaching, now is the time to get started preparing for job fairs. To help ensure success at these events, take the time to review the following seven job fair tips for college students and learn how to stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters.

  1. Do your homework. Get online and do your research. Determine which companies will be attending the job fair and plan with whom you want to meet. Most importantly, go to each company’s website and research the job and/or internships openings the company has available. Read more

Seven fast FAFSA tips: How to jumpstart your federal student financial aid application

The end of winter break brings the beginning of the federal student aid application season. But, don’t sweat it! Whether this is your first time dealing with financial aid or you’re planning your FAFSA renewal, there are several basic tips that can help you better understand the FAFSA process. You can earn a competitive edge in securing the federal student aid you need to help pay your tuition and other important school-related expenses. Read more

Student health: How to cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

We all get the winter blues—especially halfway through when you’re desperately trying to balance all of the things life throws at you. For some, seasonal depression (also known as seasonal affective disorder) is a real obstacle to overcome. If you feel like you just can’t shake the funky mood this time of year, try these quick tips for some relief. Read more

Jobs and internships: The benefits studying abroad may have on your career

We’ve all heard that the job market is difficult these days, and it will take something special to set your application apart from the others. What better way to show you’re capable of being thrown into unfamiliar situations and thriving than by signing up to study abroad in a foreign country?

It may sound scary or expensive, but if you consider everything you’ll gain from spending a semester abroad in Barcelona, as opposed to sticking around that boring college town you’re in now, you may earn a better chance at scoring offers for jobs and internships upon graduating. Read more

Job search tips for college students: How to utilize Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

As a career coach and human resources professional, one of the questions college students ask me is, “Can social media sites help me find a job?” While most students are already aware of the idea of creating a basic LinkedIn profile, many have never considered using Facebook and Twitter to help them find the right internship or job. In today’s competitive job market, recruiters and hiring managers rely on these sites to locate and connect with new talent. Here are some HR insider tips on how to make these social media sites work for your job search. Read more