Your go-to FAQ guide for textbook rentals from CengageBrain

You’ve almost made it through the semester, CONGRATS! So, what should you be doing in preparation for winter break? Besides studying and writing research papers, you may also want to keep in mind that you’ll need to return your textbook rentals before its due date – we’d hate to see you owe a late fee since you’re already on a strict college budget!

With that said, let’s look at a few other need-to-know tips you may need when it comes to textbook rentals from CengageBrain. Read more

Should you apply to be a Cengage Student Ambassador?

Look no further! We have rounded up more information on the program and have added the link to apply right here!

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DIY tips to recover from sleep deprivation

A survey of more than 400 college students conducted by Chegg found that only 16 percent of students got eight or more hours of sleep a night. The survey also found that those sleepless nights are typically due to too much homework and too much attention to online entertainment.

End sleep deprivation with our sleeping tips. (Credit: Reference)

End sleep deprivation with our sleeping tips. (Credit: Reference)

If you are a typical college student dealing with sleep deprivation, you just want some DIY tips for how to recover and not doze off in class. I’ve got you covered. Read more

Things you need to know about the campus health center

Let’s face it—most college students would rather avoid the campus health center altogether. No one likes going to the doctor in the first place, and the health center isn’t like the family doc or pediatrician that you grew up with.

Feeling sick? Head to your campus health center. (Credit: Meme Maker)

Feeling sick? Head to your campus health center. (Credit: Meme Maker)

But when it comes to your physical well-being, and even your mental health, the campus health center wants the best for you, too. Read on for the things you need to know should you ever need to visit your college’s health services center. Read more

DIY tips for finding seasonal employment

Odds are if you are a college student you are looking for ways to earn extra money this holiday season. Finding a job that fits in with your class schedule can be a challenge, but it is doable, especially if you follow my DIY tips for seasonal employment.

Time to look into seasonal employment. (Credit: Snagajob)

Time to look into seasonal employment. (Credit: Snagajob)

Of course, the dream is to find a job that doesn’t require you wear some crazy holiday getup as well. Don’t despair! Soon you will have a little extra “jingle” in your pocket! Read more

4 research paper writing hacks that will change your life

Some professors like to give out research paper writing assignments like they’re candy. Writing a research paper really does help you to bring what you’ve learned into focus. Now if you could just start dealing with stress that comes from that short deadline. I’ve picked up a few pointers that could help you out.

Make writing a research paper easy with our tips. (Credit: Ground Report)

Make writing a research paper easy with our tips. (Credit: Ground Report)

Pointer number one is to narrow your list of research paper topics to just the right topic to cover. Here are a few more ideas to help you on your next assignment. Read more

6 tips to reduce stress for college freshmen

For college freshmen, this time of year can be full of stress, loneliness and overwhelming feelings. You have to deal with classes, homework, social interactions, new living conditions, roommates and new independence.

Reduce stress with our simple tips. (Credit: Punchy Reviews)

Reduce stress with our simple tips. (Credit: Punchy Reviews)

Too much stress and you can lose interest in schoolwork, become emotionally upset and even feel physically ill. Here are some tips to reduce college stress and adjust to campus life. Read more

Ace your final exams with these top 5 notetaking tips

Believe it or not, final exams are just around the corner. If you have found that you’re stuck in a rut with the same old notetaking, using other methods may be beneficial to you and may ensure that you can better recall the material from lecture.

Below I have offered 5 notetaking tips to help you ace your final exams this semester. Read more

Why should you become a Cengage Student Ambassador?

If you are reading this then hopefully you are interested in becoming a Cengage Student Ambassador! First off let me say congratulations on taking the initiative of doing research on a potential opportunity you have in front of you. Being a Cengage Student Ambassador is an awesome experience that I have loved every second of, and if you join our team I know that you will love it, too!

I wanted to write this blog to give you an idea of what being a student ambassador is all about and hopefully help you decide if this is an opportunity that you are interested in pursuing. Read more

4 tips on writing a college application essay

Prospective college students dread the essay portion of college admissions. But it’s important to show colleges what kind of person you are and what’s important to you.

What do you plan to say in your college essay? (Credit:

What do you plan to say in your college essay? (Credit:

If your essay is exceptional, it will help you stand out from all the other applicants. Here are some tips on how to write your college application essay. Read more