6 tips to reduce stress for college freshmen

For college freshmen, this time of year can be full of stress, loneliness and overwhelming feelings. You have to deal with classes, homework, social interactions, new living conditions, roommates and new independence.

Reduce stress with our simple tips. (Credit: Punchy Reviews)

Reduce stress with our simple tips. (Credit: Punchy Reviews)

Too much stress and you can lose interest in schoolwork, become emotionally upset and even feel physically ill. Here are some tips to reduce college stress and adjust to campus life. Read more

Ace your final exams with these top 5 notetaking tips

Believe it or not, final exams are just around the corner. If you have found that you’re stuck in a rut with the same old notetaking, using other methods may be beneficial to you and may ensure that you can better recall the material from lecture.

Below I have offered 5 notetaking tips to help you ace your final exams this semester. Read more

Why should you become a Cengage Student Ambassador?

If you are reading this then hopefully you are interested in becoming a Cengage Student Ambassador! First off let me say congratulations on taking the initiative of doing research on a potential opportunity you have in front of you. Being a Cengage Student Ambassador is an awesome experience that I have loved every second of, and if you join our team I know that you will love it, too!

I wanted to write this blog to give you an idea of what being a student ambassador is all about and hopefully help you decide if this is an opportunity that you are interested in pursuing. Read more

4 tips on writing a college application essay

Prospective college students dread the essay portion of college admissions. But it’s important to show colleges what kind of person you are and what’s important to you.

What do you plan to say in your college essay? (Credit: Socrato.com)

What do you plan to say in your college essay? (Credit: Socrato.com)

If your essay is exceptional, it will help you stand out from all the other applicants. Here are some tips on how to write your college application essay. Read more

Should I drop a class? Reasons and consequences

College students can be overwhelmed with a difficult, uninteresting or unnecessary class. Sometimes a course doesn’t teach the right material or the teacher is nasty. Then you begin to consider withdrawing from a class.

Decide now if you should drop a class. (Credit: FlockU)

Decide now if you should drop a class. (Credit: FlockU)

Luckily, under certain circumstances, you’re allowed to drop a class, but make sure you understand the consequences. Read more

DIY Ergonomic tips for your dorm room

You’ve been studying for hours. Your back and neck are aching. All you really want is to put aside your work and crawl into bed, but that midterm isn’t going to take itself. I know I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting at my computer for far too long. I remember writing a lot of my thesis with my wooden desk chair tipped back at a silly angle so I could have my knees on the desk and my laptop on my lap. Talk about an inefficient, and certainly not ergonomic, work position!

Could you use some DIY ergonomic tips? (Credit: Castle & Bay)

Could you use some DIY ergonomic tips? (Credit: Castle & Bay)

If your main work space is in your dorm room, you may want to look into some DIY ergonomics to make your body more comfortable. It won’t reduce your work load, but it may reduce sore and stiff muscles caused from sitting in one place for too long! Read more

How to check for plagiarism on your research paper

It will soon be research paper season, and if your profs are like mine were, you’ll be hearing about the bogey of plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Many college students aren’t sure of the definition, and whether using information off the Internet for their paper is considered plagiarism.

Plagiarism, it's not worth it. (Credit: Plagiarism.com)

Plagiarism, it’s not worth it. (Credit: Plagiarism.com)

Luckily, I’ve found that it’s easy to check for plagiarism using plagiarism checkers online. Here are some guidelines for detecting plagiarism. Read more

How to read a textbook without losing your mind

Sooner or later like every college student, you realize that you’re going to have to crack open the textbook and start reading it. It’s not all gloomy, though. Knowing how to read a textbook is one of those study skills that pays off big time.

Reading a textbook doesn't have to be so stressful. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Reading a textbook doesn’t have to be so stressful. (Credit: Shutterstock)

It took me a long time to figure out what reading activities worked well for me. Here are a few tips and ideas that could work for you. Read more

Change or stay: 5 tips to choosing a college major

College freshmen have an important decision when choosing a college major. Your major will help decide your future career. But luckily, you don’t have to make a hard and fast decision the minute you enter college. You can wait to decide, you can change your major even if you’ve already chosen one or you can stay with your original decision.

Let us help you choose a college major with our tips. (Credit: UNIGO)

Let us help you choose a college major with our tips. (Credit: UNIGO)

In my case, I knew what I wanted my major to be, but I added a double major my sophomore year. Here are five college tips to decide what to major in college and to determine the best major for you. Read more

Fall outfits and how to dress for the weather on your college campus

Fall can be the most challenging time of year to dress for the weather. If you live on campus in a centrally located dorm, like I did, realizing you’ve got on the wrong fall outfits isn’t a crisis—you can always go back and change between classes. But for college students who have a long hike to and from the dorm, the quick change isn’t an option.

Check out the latest trends for fall outfits on campus. (Credit: Every College Girl)

Check out the latest trends for fall outfits on campus. (Credit: Every College Girl)

Check out these college life hacks that will help you get a handle on how to best dress for the ever-shifting weather. Read more