Top tips for training for a 5K or obstacle race

As I think about my college campus, now would be a perfect time to train for a 5K or obstacle course as a college student. My campus is a hilly, forested one, great for walking around (and developing good calves without even trying). Hills and trails are great for training for a 5K, and if you’re thinking of developing your own DIY exercise plan on campus, running is a great way to build your cardiovascular health without spending any money.

Even if you’re on an urban campus, you can find places to run or hit the school gym or track. If you’re socially minded, you can set a goal to race for a charity you believe in. For tips on developing your own 5K or 5K obstacle course work out, keep reading—but always check with your doctor or health services before you start a new exercise regimen! Read more

Student health tips: How to train for a 5k

Marahon shoesSo you think you want to be a runner? Maybe you’ve even signed up for your first 5K. But now you need to prepare for that 3.1 mile run. It may sound daunting, but you can do it, and probably train for a 5K it in less time than you think. Whether you have been running for some time or never laced up a pair of sneakers and hit the pavement, here are some tips on how to train for your first 5K. Read more