On-campus and online lectures increase learning resources

Public lecture

Public lecture at local astronomical observatory

You want me to attend another boring lecture — and one that’s not required? Yes! On-campus lectures, guest speaker events and even online lectures are just more learning resources that your college provides. Above and beyond your scheduled curriculum, lectures from academics and local personalities offer advice, real world application of academics, scientific findings, inspiration and more so you can enhance your college major or learn about totally new school subjects. Online lectures, such as TED lectures, offer a variety of topics in exciting formats. Read more

Does higher self-esteem lead to higher academic achievement?

Natalie Monroe, a Philadelphia high-school teacher, was recently disciplined when comments posted on her blog about her students came to light. Without using names, Monroe complained about her students’ laziness and lack of motivation. From the vitriol in her comments to the points she made, her postings have struck a chord and raised a question that we will pose as: “Does higher self-esteem lead to higher academic achievement?” Read more