Deciding on cell phones? Take a look at Apple iPhone 6, LG G3 or old school vintage

Forget high resolution and larger digital displays. Some folks are spending good money for old school vintage cell phones. Already connected to the world by tablets, laptops and other devices, there’s a trend of consumers opting to go back to the good old days, when phones could take a beating and go through the wash without a screen shattering or an SD card needing to be replaced.

There are many things to consider when looking into new cell phones. (Credit: Quick Meme)

There are many things to consider when looking into new cell phones. (Credit: Quick Meme)

Of course, that’s not the direction everyone is heading: plenty of people are excited about the newest rumors about the Apple iPhone 6 and are clamoring for the new, super high resolution display on the LG G3. What type of phone should you be checking out? Take a look at the latest tech trends in cell phones. Read more

Who wins the smart home wars, Apple or Google?

Looking for a little more technology in your life… and home? You may soon get your wish, as Google and Apple are said to be announcing their respective forays into smart home technology. What is smart home technology or home automation?

The latest smart home technology will amaze you. (Credit: Meme Generator)

The latest smart home technology will amaze you. (Credit: Meme Generator)

For now, each tech giant plans to give home owners control of their security systems, lighting and even appliances through their smartphones or tablets. Could this be the start of Jetson-like homes that do all the work for us—from turning on the lights when we enter to having dinner on the table when we get home? Read more

The reaction to Apple iOS 7 — The good, the bad, the issues

Apple iOS 7It’s that time of year again folks. Late September and a techie’s heart turns to the latest release from the wunderkinds at Apple. This year devotees of all things Macintosh-related were greeted with a two-fer: a new operating system, iOS 7, and a pair of new smartphones, the iPhone 5s and 5c. So what is the reaction to Apple iOS 7? Techies and critics are coming down on the side of bad, while many Apple users seem to think the new system is good. Read on for the breakdown.

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College student budget: Should you splurge on the Apple iPhone 5?

On Friday, September 21, 2012, the Apple iPhone 5 was unleashed. With it came a slew of college students flocking to retailers in hopes of getting their hands on the newest technology. Some had been waiting in line since Thursday. Others were disappointed to find sold-out stores. One student, a senior at Tufts University in Massachusetts, was not only able to get his hands on the new iPhone, he was also able to sell his spot in line for $460 as reported by the Tufts Daily. But what is so monumental about the newest iPhone? What does it have that the other iPhones don’t? Most importantly, is it worth dropping hundreds of dollars on this device? Read more

Spring clean your machine: How to declutter your electronics to free up space and stay organized

Spring cleaning catAfter receiving five spam emails yesterday all from the same friend of mine, I alerted him that his email account had been hacked. He quickly responded with an apology and mentioned that his roommates had also been receiving “check out my profile” and “miracle product” emails from him—how embarrassing, right? As spring gets into full swing, don’t forget to spring clean your machine, lest you become a spam-circulating sucker! Declutter your electronics to remove viruses, free up space, stay organized and create order during the chaos of college life. Read more

What is Pinterest, plus new iPad features and online trends - Just an FYI that you made it through my spring cleaning of Facebook friends

Hot diggity digital: It’s our Internet and technology roundup!

Been too busy studying to see what all your friends are sharing online? Here’s a quick run-down of what’s trending, then you can get back to work!

What’s so pinteresting?

Are you on the new social sharing site Pinterest yet? You can “pin” your favorite images to virtual corkboards around themes that range from wish lists, recipes, dream vacations and DIY projects. Read more