Better listening skills for college students

Have you ever realized that someone has been talking and you have no idea what is being said? I sure have. We could all use a little help with our listening skills now and again. You can improve communication by breaking just a few bad habits when you start to follow the quick tips and life hacks below.

Improve your listening skills for better communication. (Credit:

Improve your listening skills for better communication. (Credit:

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New school year, new experiences to boost your student advantage

New opportunities“There’s a whole world out there” is probably something you’ve heard people say. And it’s so true. Maybe you spent the first half of the school year playing it safe, getting to know the school and adjusting to dorm life. But college campuses and nearby towns have hundreds of activities and things to do to expand your learning resources and promote student success. Read on to discover how you can find out what’s going on around your campus this semester!

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How to make new friends and get rid of bad habits in college

The new year is here, and while you have been hard at work studying this term, you may not have found the time to have an active social life. In addition, you know that bad habits die hard, and this can include staying in touch with people who are negative influences in your life. So break out of these patterns! There’s no time like the present to get rid of bad habits. Make a new year’s resolution to get out of your comfort zone a bit and follow these pointers on how to make new friends — people you haven’t met yet could change your college experience altogether. Read more