How To Deal with Food Allergies on Your College Campus

For many new college students, choosing a school is mostly about the study programs that they offer. However, some students also need to know how a school will help them manage their food allergies. Students also need to know how to communicate their needs to services on campus that deal with providing food, such as housing and dining.

I always appreciate knowing my friends’ food concerns as well, so if we make plans together, I don’t bring the wrong kind of snack to a study session (or take a friend with a severe peanut allergy out for Thai food!). What should you be doing to make sure that you stick to your eating program while at college? Read more

What you need to know about food allergies and campus food

Campus life is about many new experiences, and learning to prepare food and fend for yourself is a part of those experiences! If you’re part of the 75% of people who can’t digest dairy or you have gluten or soy food allergies, you need to know about campus food and your food allergies/sensitivities before your school year kicks off!

It's very important to tend to your food allergies. (Credit:

It’s very important to tend to your food allergies. (Credit:

What are “dairy allergies”?

There are many “hidden” dairy products in food that can make ordering in the dining hall and shopping in your campus’ convenience store a pain! Read more