Does your seat in class affect your grade? Decide what seat is the perfect spot for you

Before you take a seat on the first day of class, you may want to consider the importance of classroom real estate – your grade may depend on it! Although there are no proven studies that connect classroom proximity to success, your placement in the classroom determines how you interact with your classmates and most importantly with your professor. As a senior that’s been through it all, classroom participation is the key to any professor’s heart and ultimately your grade. From one fellow college senior to you, here are some of my firsthand tips on where to sit in class based on professor habit and your personality.

Class seat #1: Distraction zones

The distraction zones in class.

The distraction zones in class.

This zone tends to be the furthest away from the board and by the window. Sure the window seating has an amazing view, but beware: you may be paying more attention to what’s happening outside the class than in the class. Read more