College advice: 3 things to avoid

With college students beginning another (or your first) school year, everyone is filling you with their college advice and words of wisdom – mostly in the “To Do” variety.

Avoid working too hard. Find a balance between work and play. (Credit: Daily Eastern News)

Avoid working too hard. Find a balance between work and play. (Credit: Daily Eastern News)

Here is a Do Not Do (aka avoid) list that involves study habits, college roommate faux pas and college dorm avoidances. Read more

College clubs: Where to make friends and find new experiences

English: Student at Goucher College playing Hu...

Student at Goucher College playing Humans vs. Zombies

Going to college may be your first experience of living away from home and your family. Lonely? Want to know where to make friends? College clubs can be a safe haven where you can find like-minded people to hang out with and share new experiences. Campus clubs form around different interests such as a foreign language, music or a sport. There is bound to be a club to suit your interests.

Campus clubs

To find your campus clubs, go to your school’s website and look around. There will probably be a link specifically to student clubs. Once you’re there, you’ll find links to individual websites for many of the clubs. Read more

College hacks: Life and study tips for the college freshman

A dorm room at the Harvard Law School.

Dorm room at the Harvard Law School

You’re new at school, moving away from home, living in a dorm with other college students, showering in a public restroom, eating in a public cafeteria. Not much of your life is private here. Perhaps none of your friends from high school are going to your college and you feel alone. And what about the big lecture rooms full of hundreds of people, and no Mom or Dad to remind you “Go to class!” — where do you even begin? Here are some study tips for college, along with advice for student health, dorm life and academic achievement for freshmen to survive the first few weeks. Read more

Freshman (or any student’s) recommended reading list

Recommended reading material

Recommended reading material (Photo by Liam Quin)

Expand your mind, they tell you in college. Well, reading books is one of the best ways. Colleges often suggest a summer reading list, as well as books required of all freshmen entering in the fall. Now that you’re back at college for the semester, take a look at these contemporary and classic books, history and philosophy books and fun and poignant books to get you back in the academic mood.

Colleges assign one book to freshmen

It is becoming common for colleges to assign a single book they want all freshman to read before they start classes. “Colleges say that having everyone read a book together gives new students a shared experience and oftentimes opens them up to a world distinct from their own,” said Peter Jacobs in his August 20, 2013 article, “This is what incoming freshmen at top colleges are reading before they get to campus” for Business Insider. Read more

College life: How to put together a tool kit to keep you prepared for just about anything!

What Every Teacher Needs

Must-have tool kit (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

If this is going to be your first time living on your own, you’ll want to have a handy tool kit that will ensure that you’re prepared for almost anything! Here are my best “go-to” tips for living on your own and making it in this crazy world as an adult.

The fix-anything kit

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on top-of-the-line tools to stash in your closet in the event that you might need to fix something someday, but a few middle-of-the-road pieces will make your life much easier — especially if your parents are hundreds of miles away. My suggestions? Read more

How to be more social: Skills for hitting the college social scene

Social adviceAre you a wallflower? Would you rather stay in and play videogames on Friday night? Do you know more about dead historians than your roommate? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not making the most of your college social life. One of the best things about college is the ability to meet new, diverse individuals. So get your nose out of that book and take your friend up on the offer to go out for the night. And don’t worry about acting like a fool. Just follow these tips on how to be more social, brush up on a few social skills and you will soon realize that the college social scene is pretty awesome! Read more