College athletes and compensation: Supreme Court to decide

Student athletes and college sports are a big part of college life. We love to watch them, and we cheer on our school’s team. But despite the popularity of college basketball, football and other sports, the athletes don’t get paid like the professional athletes do.

Ed O’Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player, brought the issue of unpaid college athletes to court, and the case has gone to the Supreme Court. Read more

How HB2 is affecting NCAA athletics in North Carolina

Fans of college athletics know how important college basketball is in the state of North Carolina. The recent news that the NCAA won’t play any basketball championships in 2017 because of the HB2 bill has upset more than the fans, especially after the ACC followed in their footsteps.

Both groups’ decisions will have major impacts on the state financially, but it is also a blow to fans of college sports in North Carolina. Read more

A March Madness bracket app and other hot technology trends

March Madness“Ah spring…a time of year when young men’s [and women’s] fancy lightly turns to thoughts of”…basketball? With apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson, for many the month of March doesn’t mean spring, or flowers or even thoughts of love. March is simply time for March Madness, when 68 college basketball teams vie to win the distinction of NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Champion.  But even college basketball has been bitten by the technology bug, with a March Madness bracket app being the latest among hot technology trends to hit in 2013. Of course there are many other apps, new and old, that can actually help you study, too, so read on for the latest in fun and learning, online-style. Read more