Is a Double Major Worth It?

A question widely debated, but rarely ever answered. And even when it is, many of the circumstances don’t tend to apply to most people. You hear a variety of things from “I had extra room in my schedule” to “I didn’t like my first major but I was too invested already”.

There is no right or wrong reason to double major, but when is it worth it? Read more

Want to Start Your Own Business? Follow These 3 Tips

It’s the backbone of the American Dream, one the main reasons millions upon millions of immigrants have uprooted their lives over the last couple centuries and come to America: to start your own business and ultimately create a better life. And for many college students, that’s the main goal once they graduate from college.

Starting your own business is something seemingly far-fetched yet most people get discouraged or count themselves out before they even give it a shot. Read more

What to Know About Picking Your Major

If you have a major all picked out before you set foot on campus, great! For many, picking a major can be paralyzing. After all, this is a decision that can impact the rest of your life.

But deciding your future from the array of all the college majors can be made easier if you follow my simple how-to suggestions. Read on for the things you need to know about picking a major. Read more

Least valuable and hardest college majors

Here are some of the worst college majors, hardest college majors and majors that too many people are taking in relation to jobs available. But there’s a disclaimer: college students have serious choices to make when choosing a major.

Maybe you should reconsider college majors that leave you unhappy post-graduation. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Maybe you should reconsider college majors that leave you unhappy post-graduation. (Credit: Thinkstock)

This list of college majors is based on various data sets calculated by number crunchers that determine the value of a college major based on recent unemployment rates and salary starts. The fields may change in the future, and there are people who break the mold and do very well in the fields they are passionate about. Read more

Big decision time—How to change your major

Maybe you started college with your future mapped out—you had everything decided and planned, from the big decision of what you would major in to what your career and life after college would look like.

Let us help you as you change your major. (Credit:

Let us help you as you change your major. (Credit:

But something has shifted, and you now are thinking of switching college majors. Need help or advice on how to change your major? Read more

Do-it-yourself degree: Design your own interdisciplinary college major

A group of students attending their college graduation commencement.

A group of students attending their college graduation commencement.

Does the traditional list of majors not inspire you? Were you advised to take a bunch of liberal arts courses and figure it out later? Did you know you can design your own major? If you’re bold, persistent and have a clear idea what you’d like to study, you may be able to discuss your academic goals with administrators to create your own degree. Specialized or interdisciplinary degrees combine academic resources, various courses and sometimes totally new courses.

Why design your own degree?

A growing number of colleges and universities are allowing students to create their own majors. Read more

Confused about college majors? Help find the one for you with our free personality test!

Carl Jung

Carl Jung in 1910. Myers and Briggs extrapolated their MBTI theory from Jung’s writings in his book Psychological Types.

Choosing among all the different college majors is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make in your life. One factor to consider in making your choice is how it will match with your personality type. We’ve included here a free personality test that will give you an idea of a direction to start with.

One method of personality assessment is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II). This 70-question quiz is the most widely used personality assessment in the world according to Keirsey assigns personality types to four main groups: Artisans™, Guardians™, Rationals™ and Idealists™. Within each category are four sub-categories that are referred to as “character types.” Read more

Best college majors to produce highest paying jobs: How to market yourself if yours isn’t on the list

If earning top dollar after graduation is your bottom line, there’s no doubt that those majoring in one field in particular will see those dollar signs ring in: Technology. According to a recent study by the National Association of College Employers, grads with degrees geared toward technology are in higher demand than ever. The need for innovators is strong, and employers are willing to pay top dollar. Check out our list of the best college majors that produce the highest paying jobs to get an idea of the market value for these majors. Even if your major doesn’t make the cut, there’s no need to despair. While the job market may not be quite as clearly defined, there are ways to market yourself into a desirable position.  Read more

Picking the perfect major: Top tips for choosing a major or switching majors in college

Choosing a majorAre you having trouble choosing a major in college? Understandable. It takes years of study and thousands of dollars to complete a college degree — and that’s if you have a clear plan to follow. And many of us don’t! What happens if you can’t decide what to major in and keep switching majors? You get to take more courses, try more new things and … well, it may cost you a lot more time, money and stress. Earn yourself some peace of mind with our top tips for choosing the major that’s just right for you! Read more