Life hacks to get home safe after a college party

As midterms roll past and the holidays start to come up, it’s possible you’ll be seeing a college party surge, both on and off campus. It’s great to celebrate with friends, but it’s possible that you’re the type of person who, like me, can be uncomfortable walking home alone at night (whether it’s from a social event or a late shift at a part-time job).

Public safety officials often advise against walking home alone, but that might not always be practical. Everyone wants to get home safe, regardless of the reason they’re out late, so it’s a good idea to keep a few life hacks—like the Companion app for your phone—under your hat. Read more

Partying in college: 5 tips for college students

It’s no secret that college students often are tempted into joining their friends to party. You’re now an adult out on your own for the first time so you’re free to make your own choices, especially when it comes to going out on a random weeknight.

Partying in college is going to happen so be sure to follow our tips. (Credit: Odyssey)

Partying in college is going to happen so be sure to follow our tips. (Credit: Odyssey)

But, it still might be helpful to recognize the dangers of partying on college campus and the lure of party colleges that you or your friends could come across. Read more

The big game, tailgate parties and drinking responsibly

New York Jets Tailgate Lot 5A

New York Jets Tailgate Lot 5A

Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl, school home games, or just partying in your dorm rooms, food and beverages are a part of the fun. Your Super Bowl party, tailgate party or friendly get-together in your college dorms can feature the snack staples of chips and dip as well as unique appetizers and fancy drinks. No matter where you party, remember to drink responsibly, and remember that it’s still a party even without alcohol!

Celebrate with unique appetizers

Inspired by the Super Bowl, you may now feel that every home game at your school is a chance to celebrate big. Read more

What is Cinco de Mayo and how to celebrate it at home or out on the town

Cinco de Mayo dance

Cinco de Mayo dancers in Washington DC by Flickr dbking

Happy Mexican Independence Day! Errr…what is Cinco de Mayo anyway? Take a quick look below to find out the true occasion, and get some tips on how to celebrate, including throwing your own Cinco de Mayo party!

Cinco de Mayo history

Blow away party guests with these Brainiac facts. On May 5, 1862, during the War of French Intervention in Mexico, the Battle of Puebla occurred near the town of Puebla, Mexico. Read more