3 Ways to Build Rapport with your College Professors This Year

The path to graduating with a degree is a long one requiring hard work and dedication, long hours of studying and collaborative support. Going through college with a strong support network makes the necessary studying and dedication hours much easier. Support can come from friends, family and co-workers, but one of the biggest resources for support through college is your professors.

This resource is often overlooked by students as asking for extra help from a professor can be intimidating. However, creating a rapport with a professor and asking for help is far easier than most students realize. Read more

Disclaimer: Trigger warnings may (or may not) be unsuitable for college campuses

The topic of trigger warnings on college campuses have sparked a widespread debate across the country just recently. Seen as a trend more severe than political correctness, the college campus has become a safe zone, free of trigger warnings and microaggression.

College professors on some campuses are expected to warn students about potentially discomforting material. Continue reading to learn more about the value and the opposition of trigger warnings. Read more

Diversity in college—important for college students and college professors

As our population becomes more heterogeneous, U.S. college students are broadening the diversity in college. But that same varied representation of gender, races and cultures does not seem to be extending to college professors.

Learn what can be done to change diversity within the college environment. (Credit: MemeGenerator)

Learn what can be done to change diversity within the college environment. (Credit: MemeGenerator)

Not only is faculty diversity lacking in terms of race, but also academic jobs seem to be disproportionately going to the graduates of the same group of schools. Why is this bad, and what can be done to change things? Read more

Dealing with confrontation: Intimidating professors, troublesome roommates

Dealing with confrontationEach new semester brings new academic and personal relationships and, unfortunately, not all of them can be a perfect match. It’s inevitable that we’ll be thrown into situations of confrontation throughout our college careers, but learning effective ways to deal with confrontation with everyone from intimidating professors to troublesome roommates can save you a great deal of stress. Make confrontation one less concern this semsemter with our back to school tips for conflict resolution.

The intimidating professor

Although some college professors seem intimidating, it is better to try to get past any negative feelings you have early in the term. An article on, posted October 09, 2007, “How to confront your college professor,” offers some tips on how to approach the unapproachable. Read more