6 tips to deal with a difficult college roommate

Moving into the college dorms usually means having a roommate. Many college students won’t know much about their roommate until they have to share a dorm with them.

If you’re lucky, like me, you’ll get along fine with your college roommate, but sometimes the two of you just can’t get along. Here are some college tips to get along with your roommate. Read more

Life hacks for how to find a college roommate

A big fear for incoming freshmen? How to find a roommate. There are so many questions—Are you compatible? Can you get along? Will you drive each other crazy or become besties? It can be hard to live together when you don’t know each other, but there are lots of life hacks to help you find a college roommate, including apps!

One way to know you found a good roommate. (Credit: QuickMeme)

One way to know you found a good roommate. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Even if you are assigned a roommate, like I was, these tips can help you learn more about each other before you are sharing an 8×8 cinderblock cube. Read more

How to survive a bad college roommate

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind … we call it the roommate nightmares zone. So your roommate is a jerk. It happens, and it may seem like the end of the world: stuck in a small, confined space with a person that drives you absolutely insane.

Don't let a bad roommate ruin your college experience.

Don’t let a bad roommate ruin your college experience.

What do you do if you have a bad college roommate? How will you survive the horror with your stuff, and your mind, intact? Read more

Dorm life and college roommates: How to find a roommate you can live with

Dorm life and roommatesIt used to be when you opted for dorm life that your college roommates were assigned to you. Good luck with that – rooming with a surprise stranger can lead to lifelong friendships or dreadful college semesters. The Internet has given students a new option: you can find a roommate online, then finalize the arrangement with your school. If you would rather live off-campus, you definitely have to hunt down your roommates yourself. You’ll need one or more roommates to share the cost of rent and utilities. Here are a few tips to on how to find a roommate that you can live with – and avoid roommates from hell. Read more