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eChapters vs. an armload of huge textbooks that weigh a ton

Everyone has their own preference. Some college students like echapters and others would rather walk around campus with an armload of huge textbooks that weigh a ton.

Read your eChapters with ease on your digital device. (Credit: Alexis Grant)

Read your eChapters with ease on your digital device. (Credit: Alexis Grant)

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Cheap college textbooks vs. rentals up to 70% off list price

Searching for cheap college textbooks? Let me ask you something? How do you know the college student who had it last semester wasn’t an idiot? How do you know if the correct sections are highlighted? That the columns haven’t been annotated with obscure markings akin to Klingon?

Cheap textbooks are a must-have for college students. (Credit:

Cheap textbooks are a must-have for college students. (Credit:

How do you know you won’t end up with a torn-up textbook spine or pages filled with cartoon body parts that nobody wants to see! Those used college textbooks may be cheap but they aren’t always a value! Read more

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As your summer winds down, and you (hopefully!) were able to take a relaxing and fun summer vacation, CengageBrain is here to remind you that it’s time to prepare for back-to-school!

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A new semester can mean a brand new you. Try new things. Buy new clothes. If you are still ‘undecided’ on a college major, that’s okay. This gives you an opportunity to explore electives and find out what your true passion in life is. Whatever you do, CengageBrain is here to help you with your rental textbook needs.

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With the Spring 2014 semester just around the corner, getting a head start on buying your textbooks really isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it might be a great way for you to start off on the right foot – and by that we mean not procrastinating. However, you just spent countless dollars on gifts for the holidays. You might not be financially ready to dig into your pockets yet. CengageBrain has a great solution to help with that.

Show me the deals!

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From paper to e-books: College textbooks bring flexibility to learning — What’s your preference?


Books (Photo credit: henry…)

College textbooks have evolved from static paper books to digital e-books that include interactive features. Whether you choose to use print or to go digital, there are plenty of benefits to be had.

Cool features of e-books and single e-chapters

  1. Study either online or offline: Most e-books for college can be downloaded to your computer for viewing offline. Read more

College textbook rentals: Save hundreds of dollars through rental services

College tuition continues to climb and so do the costs of textbooks. No matter your degree program, you’ll be lucky to get away with spending only $400 on textbooks in one semester alone—unless you explore textbook rentals. Opting for a textbook rental service can save you upwards of 80 percent on college textbooks, and it also means you won’t have a bulky stash of books to get rid of come graduation. Read more