A cheat sheet for paying for college without going broke

I get a reminder of college every month when I submit my student loan payment. Paying for college without going broke is on the minds of most college-bound students these days.

Paying for college doesn't have to break the bank. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Paying for college doesn’t have to break the bank. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Even if you have already secured your financial aid package, you may still be on the lookout for ways to make your college tuition more affordable. Here’s a cheat sheet with some tips and tricks to stretch your higher education dollars. Read more

Why study abroad: Save money on international programs and graduate on time

Study abroad

Study abroad info (© Al Goldis/AP Images)

According to a recent report published by the Institute of International Education, more American students are studying abroad than ever before, however, overall numbers show that only 14 percent of college students as a whole participate in a study abroad program. In addition, findings show that the majority of students who choose to study abroad head to a European country, and male students are much less likely to take the study abroad leap. The study abroad sphere is widening though, and for those who are looking to take part, there is no time like the present to cash in on some good deals. Read more

Cost of college education and the rise in college tuition

The job market has always been competitive—now, even more so in this strained economy. When you begin your job search, you’ll need every edge possible to leap to the top of the resume pile, and a college degree might just be your ticket to rising above the competition. Even though times are tough for everyone, studies show that college grads consistently earn more than those without a degree. Read more