7 Ways to Reduce College Stress

It’s no surprise that many college students feel stressed. Whether it’s cramming for tests, worrying about financials, or managing being on their own for the first time, students often become overwhelmed and most often don’t know how to deal with it.

Here’s to knowing better for next time! Read more

Advice I Would’ve Given Myself in High School

As I progress to my second semester of college, I have been reflecting a lot on my high school career and all the things I would’ve done differently. These things include academic endeavors and even social events that I would or wouldn’t have gone to.

So, without further ado, here is some advice that I would’ve given myself in high school. Read more

5 Ways to Start Spring Semester With a Bang!

Did winter break feel like it just flew by? Are you prepared for another semester? We all might need a little more time to recuperate! Regardless, a new year and a new semester is upon us and we may need a few reminders as to what makes a great semester!

Make your second semester an adventure. (Credit: Motivation & Inspiration)

Make your second semester an adventure. (Credit: Motivation & Inspiration)

Here are a few ways to start your semester off with a bang! Read more

Top 3 freshman survival tips from an upperclassman

If you are like me at all, walking into college freshman year can be one of the scariest things you will ever do, second maybe to when you get a text from your mom saying “we need to talk.” This post is from me to you about a handful of things that I wish someone told me when my parents dropped me off for my first year at Liberty University. Don’t go overboard and start thinking that this is the only way to make it through college and blow off any other advice you get—although that would flatter me—this is simply just a cheat sheet for success in your first year.

Follow these helpful freshman tips. (Credit: Fresh U)

Follow these helpful freshman tips. (Credit: Fresh U)

Remember, college looks different for everyone so some of these things might resonate with you and some of them might not, who knows (I definitely don’t), but what I do know is that a little advice from someone other than your parents—more specifically advice from someone who hasn’t been out of college for more than 25 years—is a nice change every once in a while. So take this with a grain of salt and enjoy the next few years at the greatest school you will ever experience. Read more

5 snowflakes you’ll meet in college and how to shut them down

As I find myself quickly approaching college graduation this May, I can’t help but begin my final semester by asking myself the same question I always do. What’s with all of the snowflakes? In college we meet many new people and have tons of new experiences that will shape who we become and how we handle our lives.

The many types of snowflakes in class.

The many types of snowflakes in class.

Many of these people will have a great amount of influence on our lives and we will keep contact with them in the years to come. However, some will leave us unsure how they have got this far in life and when they will realize that they are not a special snowflake! Read more

4 ways to avoid feeling overstressed

My name is Maeve Clair and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Biology and Psychology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine, so my schedule consists of mostly science classes right now. Having completed three semesters of college, I am very familiar with the feeling of stress.

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

What helps you from becoming overstressed? (Credit: Alys Tomlinson, Getty Images)

Although I wish I could, I cannot tell you that there is a quick fix to never feeling stressed in college. Fortunately, I can provide you with a few ways to prevent feeling overstressed with your college course load. Read more

6 tips on college life from upperclassmen

I was kind of green when I started college and didn’t think to go to upperclassmen for advice. (Actually, I was a bit intimidated by them!) But if I had taken the chance, I would have learned that they are just like you and me, only with a couple of extra years of experience under their belt.

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit:

You can learn a few things from upperclassmen. (Credit:

So feel like you can go to them with questions about navigating college life. Upperclassmen are a good resource for giving freshmen and other college students advice and tips for surviving college. Read more

You ask, we answer: College group project problems

Hey J,

I’m in this group project right now and this one kid, we’ll call him Jacob, is being a total slacker. He doesn’t respond to emails, texts, or phone calls. I have talked with him about it and he says that he doesn’t see the messages or that he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He doesn’t show up to any group meetings so it’s not like he would know what he was supposed to do anyway. It’s gotten REALLY FREAKING annoying and I’m not sure what to do.


Mike R.

Let's solve those group project problems. (Credit:

Let’s solve those group project problems. (Credit:

Hi Mike,

There is always going to be ‘that’ member in a group project. Read more

You ask, we answer: College is great, but I miss home!

Hi J,

I miss home SOOO much. Like a lot. I know Thanksgiving break is around the corner, and I’ll be there soon but it’s not soon enough. College is great and all but I want to go home. I’m talking Dorothy wanting to leave Oz bad. Except I don’t have any red shoes to take me there. It’s too far for me to go back for the weekend so I have to wait until Thanksgiving. I just want to go home.


Zuzia B.

Hi Zuzia,

Home is great and yes it’s perfectly alright to miss it. Read more

College = FREEDOM!!

Once you’re in college you’re free! Free to stay up till the break of dawn and experience new things! With freedom can come the unwanted. An extra 15 lbs., credit card debt or academic probation. But how can you enjoy the freedom without the negatives?

I have compiled five helpful CengageBrain articles to help you stay free of freedom’s negative consequences. To view the full article, click on the article title. Read more