Tips to declutter your desk for second semester

Confession time: my desk is a mess. I have clutter all over it: unopened mail, a pile of CD-Rs, books from my TBR pile, two-pound-weights for a little between-assignments forearm exercise, a pair of swimming goggles (which I’m not sure are even mine…). Anyway. It isn’t always like this, but right now? My desk is covered in chaos and desperately needs to declutter.

It might be time for you to declutter your desk. (Credit: Love Laughter Insanity)

It might be time for you to declutter your desk. (Credit: Love Laughter Insanity)

January is a great time to start new trends–especially being college students headed for your soon-to-start second semester–so I decided I’d get some tips on how to organize this mess and unearth my desk before it’s too late. Here’s what I’ve found out; maybe something in here will help you find a clear desk surface, too! Read more

Spring clean your machine: How to declutter your electronics to free up space and stay organized

Spring cleaning catAfter receiving five spam emails yesterday all from the same friend of mine, I alerted him that his email account had been hacked. He quickly responded with an apology and mentioned that his roommates had also been receiving “check out my profile” and “miracle product” emails from him—how embarrassing, right? As spring gets into full swing, don’t forget to spring clean your machine, lest you become a spam-circulating sucker! Declutter your electronics to remove viruses, free up space, stay organized and create order during the chaos of college life. Read more