College advice: DIY dorm decorating ideas to spruce up your space

Pimp your place with some cool do-it-yourself decorating ideas. Whether you’re a college freshman in a dorm or a senior in an off-campus apartment, dazzle your roomies and your guests with some homemade charm and sparkle. Decorate your door, spice up your walls, find a use for your old textbooks — anything works!

End table of old textbooks

DIY end tableHave a few years worth of old books and textbooks you just can’t throw away (or sell back to the book store!)? Keep them with you forever by making an end table out of them. Stack the books and glue the covers and bottoms together, or drill a hole through the center of each one and insert a dowel stick for strength. Cut a round or square piece of particle board to use as a tabletop and glue it the top book. Paint, varnish or apply sealer to the board, and voila — an end table to rest your drink, err, homework on!

Another use for old textbooks—a clock. Drill a hole in the middle of the book. Insert clock mechanism through the hole. Battery side goes in the back, clockwork hands go in the front. Paint clock numbers or funky symbols on the face of the book or just leave it blank. Every noon and midnight the hands will point to the book’s title! Read more

Decorating on a budget — Spruce up your dorm room or apartment to feel more like “home”

Dorm room decoratingBy now you’re either starting a brand new semester or packing up shop at home to shortly return. If you find your home away from home to be not quite homey enough, there are some easy tips to set things right. To combat the homesickness that quickly snuck in during my semester abroad in England, the first thing I did was decorate my room. You wouldn’t believe what a few posters on the walls and pictures on your shelves do to lift your spirits when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Now that you’re ready for spring semester, you’ll need to learn how to start decorating on a budget to make your space more like home! Read more