Top 5 ways to save $100 this semester: Try them all and save up to $500

Everyone has heard the old axiom about two things in life being constant, death and taxes, right? Well I’d like to add a third constant to the mix, during college your budget is going to be tight. I’m talking about “living off of nothing but grocery store samples and ramen noodles for 6 weeks tight.” That kind of tight. I’m sure you can agree.

So I’d like to bestow some money-saving tips upon you to make it through. Tips that your GPA will thank you for, your social life will thank you for and most importantly your budget will thank you for! Here are 5 ways that you can save $100 this semester – or maybe more! Read more

Photos on Amazon cloud drive, unlocked cell phones are now illegal, Questia’s iPhone app and online trends

Death Star petition meme

Totally trending: It’s our Internet and technology roundup

Get out your iPhone and download the new Questia iPhone app, or use your android phone to upload photos with Amazon Cloud Drive Photos. Just don’t do it on unlocked cell phones – back in October 2012, unlocking a cell phone without your carrier’s permission became illegal, and the grace period after the ruling passed ended in January 2013. If you unlocked your phone before that, you’re safe – but don’t do it with a new device! Read more