How to take a selfie (without being a jerk)

The difference between a good and bad selfie is knowing the right time to take them. #authorselfie

The difference between a good and bad selfie is knowing the right time to take them. #authorselfie

Your profile picture is woefully out of date. Your roommate is asleep. It’s just you and your smart phone and it’s 2 a.m., and this has to be done right now (because some things become ridiculously important at two in the morning). You need a selfie. But there’s a fine art of taking a selfie – and there are some tips and tricks that can keep you from looking like a jerk. Given the rise of Instagram selfies taken while driving (distracted driving much?) – or the Tumblr that collects selfies taken at funerals – it’s easy to get so caught up in that photo op that, rather than looking good online, you give yourself a bad reputation. Here are some tips on how to – and how not to – take a good selfie. Read more

Distracted driving concern amplified by Texas A&M car accident and Spanish train crash

Distracted driving

Distracted driving (Photo credits:

On July 30, two college football players, Texas A&M defensive lineman Polo Manukainiu, 19, and Utah defensive lineman Gaius Vaenuku, 18, were killed in a single-car accident. The former high-school teammates, along with Utah offensive tackle Siaosi Uhatafe and his family, were making a 22-hour drive back to Texas on little sleep, according to a tweet from Manukainiu before the accident. Uhatafe, the driver, was the only passenger wearing a seatbelt. The deaths of these young men, on the heels of a fatal Spanish train wreck in which the conductor was on his cell phone while driving, brings attention to the dangers of distracted driving. If you’re hitting the road this summer — or getting ready to make a long drive back to college this fall — be sure to keep your wits about you and pay attention to the surrounding hazards. Read more