Delicious Ramen Recipes You Can Make In Your Dorm Room

Okay, I’ll admit it. Once I moved into a college dorm that had its own kitchen, I did not frequent the campus Dining Hall, but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on food. Enter: ramen.

Give your ramen meals a makeover with these recipes. (Credit: Serious Eats)

Give your ramen meals a makeover with these recipes. (Credit: Serious Eats)

True, the noodles can get old if you don’t do much with them, but if you check out these DIY recipes for ramen, you’ll have a much wider variety of ways to eat on the cheap. Read more

DIY Ideas To Spice Up Your Ramen Soup Recipes

Ramen soup is a staple food for college students. It’s dirt cheap, has some protein (but way too much salt), is really easy to cook, is a warm comforting food and is fun to eat.

Get fancy with your ramen game. (Credit: Delish)

Get fancy with your ramen game. (Credit: Delish)

Here are some DIY ideas for spicing up your boring ramen routine. Read more

DIY Tips to Organize Your Dorm Room

I know I’ve written before about how I’ve pledged to keep my desk more organized. Sometimes, I’ll go on a great stretch with clean surfaces that look like they belong to an organized mind. But lately, clutter has come and attacked my desk again.

It’s hard enough to organize dorm life, between managing a roommate and keeping on track with classes, work or work study, and a social life, let alone keeping the dorm room decluttered. Here are some DIY tips to help organize your dorm room, desk, and maybe even your mind. Read more

It’s Cold Outside… So Let’s Warm Up!

Temperatures are dropping across the country as winter weather sets in. For some college students, this may be your first encounter with truly frigid temperatures or snow.

I’ve got some DIY how to tips for surviving the cold and keeping you warm and toasty. Read more

DIY tips and tricks to destress over winter break

While I know winter break can come with its own varieties of stress, especially if you’re heading home for family gatherings with cousins from six different states, a family road trip, or just six different holiday dinners, it can also be a great time to destress and get ready for next semester.

I’m lucky this year that I got to stay close to home with no big travel plans and only a small family gathering, but there have definitely been those years when it seemed like the first relaxation I got was getting back on campus! Here are some tips and tricks to form a DIY plan to destress over winter break. Read more

6 DIY ideas to cure boredom over winter break

It’s winter break. If you’re not doing a J-term, don’t have a job, and don’t have any studying to do, you may be running out of ideas to keep yourself busy. While winter break can be a great time to catch up on sleep and relaxation, if you’re like me, you can only go for so long before you’re itching to get busy again.

Tackle some DIY projects to prevent winter break boredom. (Credit: SCHC)

Tackle some DIY projects to prevent winter break boredom. (Credit: SCHC)

Whether you need DIY ideas to cure boredom, or are itching to do some DIY crafts while you have access to the family craft supplies, check out these ideas on what to do with winter break. Read more

College students—DIY ways to beat the winter blues

Whether you simply prefer the warmer months or you truly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD), the winter blues can be a real thing that affects up to one out of four adults, including college students.

So if you want to fight back this year, read on for some DIY tips on how to beat the winter blues. Read more

6 New Year’s resolution ideas for college students

Like other people this time of year, college students are making their New Year’s resolutions for improving college life and academics and for setting goals for the New Year.

Here’s are DIY suggestions for making changes for a new year. Read more

DIY plans to get outside and off campus during winter break

The semester is coming to a close. When I was an undergrad, I only had a J-term course planned for one winter break of my four years. During my other three winter breaks, I got off campus—usually by going home, since in our residential college staying over winter break was a no-go. I got a holiday job working retail, but I also made sure to get outside and do things.

If you’re in an area where you can go out winter hiking, either from home or near your dorm, try spending some of the warmer days this winter outside and off campus, getting some space from your academics so you can work with a clearer mind in January. Read more

3 DIY holiday gifts for mom and dad

You’re in the middle of prepping for your final exams. Now’s not the time you want to be thinking about holiday shopping! But that old saying from when you were a kid—your folks will love it more if you make it yourself—is just as true now that you’re a college student.

If you need to take a break from studying, give yourself a little creative fun by considering the types of DIY holiday gifts that come from the heart (and can be made on a low budget!). Read more