5 Self Care Strategies for College Students

One of the most important life lessons I ever received was as a TA on a study tour. The college students on the trip were not a cohesive group, and I was discussing ideas with the prof on how to mitigate some of the conflicts. I made a suggestion that was self-sacrificing, and the professor said, “Alana, secure your own mask before assisting others.” I immediately withdrew the suggestion, and it’s been a motto for me ever since. It can be hard to say no to a friend who needs a small (but time consuming) favor, or a club that needs someone to organize an event. But as a college student, you must prioritize self care in order to succeed in your classes, stay healthy and have the energy to give to your friends and clubs.

Take a look at these self care strategies for dorm life. Read more

DIY Tips to Organize Your Dorm Room

I know I’ve written before about how I’ve pledged to keep my desk more organized. Sometimes, I’ll go on a great stretch with clean surfaces that look like they belong to an organized mind. But lately, clutter has come and attacked my desk again.

It’s hard enough to organize dorm life, between managing a roommate and keeping on track with classes, work or work study, and a social life, let alone keeping the dorm room decluttered. Here are some DIY tips to help organize your dorm room, desk, and maybe even your mind. Read more

5 ways second semester freshman year is better

You’ve survived your first semester of college as a freshman and even came back for the second semester! You’ve learned some valuable survival techniques to navigate your academics and dorm life.

But everyone says that the spring semester of freshman year is so much better than the first. Here are some college tips for making your best college semester your second semester. Read more

A college roommate agreement is a great idea. Here’s why.

During your college years you’ll likely be living in some kind of a group situation; either it’s dorm life or sharing a house or apartment. Either way, college students have to find a way to get along with roommates. If you’re lucky, you get an easy roommate but living in close quarters and dealing with stress can cause conflict among the best of friends.

What if you get someone who drives you crazy? That’s when a college roommate agreement can come in handy. Read more

6 tips on making new friends in college

For college students heading off for your freshman year means getting used to a whole new environment with new places and new people. It’s a chance to find yourself and to hone social skills like how to make new friends. I lived on campus my first year and dorm life brought with it a ready-made set of new friends.

Still, it took me a while to settle in and make connections with roomies and dorm mates. Some of these friends may turn out to be life-long relationships but it doesn’t just happen on its own. Let’s see how one makes new friends. Read more

5 DIYs to not try in college

College students like to do things for themselves. It makes you feel independent and in control of your college life. But sometimes you may not have all the information, knowledge or skill; or you may have the wrong information, and doing something yourself could get you into trouble or, unfortunately, could harm you.

There are a few things you just should not do in the dorms. (Credit: Lifehacker)

There are a few things you just should not do in the dorms. (Credit: Lifehacker)

Here are some do not do situations in your college dorm life and campus life that you should leave up to others. Read more

Moving is the worst! Here’s how to make it easier

Moving can be a huge pain—even moreso if you’re not sure what to bring for your freshman year in the dorms. Dorm life varies depending on your school, but one bit of advice I have to offer is trust your instincts. I had never slept with a comforter before moving to college, so despite everyone telling me I should get a full bed-in-a-bag for my college dorm room, I decided on the throw blankets I was used to.

Find out how to make moving less stressful. (Credit: Katie Dwyer, My College Advice)

Find out how to make moving less stressful. (Credit: Katie Dwyer, My College Advice)

That was much more my style, and, to tell you the truth, the smaller blankets were easier to pack. Need more tips and life hacks for the move to college? Check out these moving hacks and get a head start on your fall plans! Read more

9 best websites for college students

There’s so much information out there to help you with college life, dorm life and social life on your college campus. How do you know where to start? Although I always start with Facebook and Twitter, there are many websites and resources to help college students muddle through.

Which websites are your favorites to browse? (Credit: Pinterest)

Which websites are your favorites to browse? (Credit: Pinterest)

Here are some tips about a few of the best websites that are useful in surviving college. Read more

5 college tips to adjust to college life

Campus life and dorm life can be difficult to adjust to. This isn’t high school any more.

Follow our tips on how to adjust to college. (Credit: Achieve Change Grow)

Follow our tips on how to adjust to college. (Credit: Achieve Change Grow)

Here is some college freshman advice and tips for all college students who want to thrive in or adjust to college life. Read more

Cold weather DIY projects for your winter break

It may not be snowing yet–it’s going to be in the 60s all week where I live in Connecticut–but (as they say in Game of Thrones) winter is coming.

What ideas do you have for a winter DIY project? (Credit: HeyKayli/YouTube)

What ideas do you have for a winter DIY project? (Credit: HeyKayli/YouTube)

If you’re looking to do some cold weather DIY projects over your winter break, take a look at some of these cozy crafts that could be a help for you when you get back to dorm life next semester, especially if the campus heaters go on the fritz. Read more