Top 5 ways to save $100 this semester: Try them all and save up to $500

Everyone has heard the old axiom about two things in life being constant, death and taxes, right? Well I’d like to add a third constant to the mix, during college your budget is going to be tight. I’m talking about “living off of nothing but grocery store samples and ramen noodles for 6 weeks tight.” That kind of tight. I’m sure you can agree.

So I’d like to bestow some money-saving tips upon you to make it through. Tips that your GPA will thank you for, your social life will thank you for and most importantly your budget will thank you for! Here are 5 ways that you can save $100 this semester – or maybe more! Read more

SCA approves of President Obama’s “Every Kid in a Park” initiative

President Barack Obama recently announced his new initiative that provides free admission to national parks and other federal lands to America’s fourth graders and their families. “Every Kid in a Park” is being heavily applauded by members of the Student Conservation Association (SCA) because of its commitment to connect more young people with our national parks.

SCA is a fan of "Every kid in a Park." Are you? (credit:

SCA is a fan of “Every kid in a Park.” Are you? (credit:

Beginning this fall the program will go into effect, in connection with the National Park Service’s Centennial that occurs in 2016. Read more

Celebrate Earth Day with the Student Conservation Association (SCA)

At SCA, Earth Day is not only recognized once per year, but every day. This month SCA is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Earth Day as a national holiday. With SCA service events nationwide, there are plenty of opportunities for people (like you!) to get involved.

Celebrate Earth Day with the SCA. (Credit:

Celebrate Earth Day with the SCA. (Credit:

Whether you serve with SCA, join another group effort, or celebrate on your own, SCA would like to see how you serve. Read more

Join the Extra Credit Program by CengageBrain to Buy, Give, and Save

Want to save money on your college textbooks AND donate money to a charity of your choice? Now you can! The Extra Credit Program lets you do both at once!

Trust me – doing something good for humanity will not only make you feel good, it might even bring you some good karma. Read more

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Want to help donate money for some awesome charities while saving money on your college textbooks? Look no further than the Extra Credit Program! Trust me – the karma gods will be in your favor after doing something good for humanity. Learn here about how you can help, while you prepare to go back to school.

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Here’s how it works: Read more

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CengageBrain.comWe at know that giving back to charity in whatever way you can is very important, so we’ve resolved to make a difference this year. With your help, we’ll donate up to $100,000 to charity all while helping students get their textbooks for less — and that’s where you come in!

Join CengageBrain Extra Credit and instantly receive a 10% discount code for textbooks and study guides at CengageBrain to share with your friends and classmates, but that’s not all! For every dollar that your coupon code saves, between now and June 30, 2013, CengageBrain will donate a dollar to charity, up to a total corporate donation of $100,000! Read more