Facebook’s Friends Day: Epic or epic fail?

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is the social media site that everyone loves to hate on. Facebook has been no stranger to controversy, and its recent efforts to celebrate the site’s 12th birthday have stirred up another doozy. The minds behind the site created Friends Day, a fake holiday, by compiling videos culled from your timeline pictures and posts.

What did you think of Friends Day on Facebook? (Credit: Daily Mail)

What did you think of Friends Day on Facebook? (Credit: Daily Mail)

Except not all users are excited about having all of their old memories dredged up. Read more

How to give this holiday season…just like Mark Zuckerberg!

I think all of us like to give to causes that we support; I always make sure to ramp up my year-end giving to maximize my tax deductions for the next year. There are plenty of not-for-profit groups out there that are worth contributing to. So when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he’d be donating 99% of his Facebook shares to charity, I thought, good for him!

How can you give back this holiday season? (Credit: Feng Yu/Shutterstock)

How can you give back this holiday season? (Credit: Feng Yu/Shutterstock)

On the surface, it looks like a great thing–but there are many critics who wonder why he’s started a new charity rather than contributing to one of the many worthy causes already in existence. Read more

You ask, we answer: Social media overload help!

Hi J,

My roommate/friend thinks it’s okay to post crappy pictures of me on social media. Except it’s not. I’m tired of seeing shitty images of me having fun or just lounging around end up on Facebook or Instagram. I mean really? Why the hell does she need to post EVERYTHING? I mean sure some of them are funny, but I’m getting really tired of it. Plus I don’t want my family (who I am FB friends with) seeing all the pictures on social media.

Make it stopppp,

Amanda M.

Hi Amanda,

I get it. It sucks to have images on social media where absolutely everyone can see them and on top of that they can save and use. Read more

What was showcased at VidCon 2015? Find out here!

You know what a big deal digital video is. You also know how important a social platform like YouTube is to digital video. Finally, you probably know about VidCon, a conference devoted to all things digital video.

Find out what you missed at VidCon 2015. (Credit:

Find out what you missed at VidCon 2015. (Credit:

Odds are your parents and anyone born before the 1990s has no idea. And boy, are they missing out. But Facebook may soon be changing all of that. Read more

How to keep in touch with friends

The unfortunate reality in life is that you will come to a point where you are no longer minutes away from your friends. BUT DON’T WORRY! This doesn’t mean you’ll never hear or see from them again.

There are so many ways to keep in touch so you won’t miss a thing. Read more

Tech lawsuits: Blackberry vs. Ryan Seacrest, and Facebook’s “private message”

Credit: Brian Turner

Credit: Brian Turner

Facebook and Typo Products, a Los Angeles start-up backed by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, would probably have preferred not to begin 2014 facing lawsuits. No such luck. Once again, Facebook is being sued for invasion of privacy – this time for scanning private message content for links and, the claimants say, providing that information to advertisers. Seacrest’s Typo Products is being accused of illegally copying technology developed by Blackberry for its not-yet-released iPhone keyboards. If you’re worried about Facebook reading your private messages – or just in the market for an iPhone keyboard – read on. Read more

Top news stories around the U.S. — What you missed while you were checking Facebook and Twitter

Grain belt drought

Grain belt drought (Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture)

I know, I know, it may seem hard to believe that there is much more going on in the country than what your friends post in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. To keep you in the know, check out these top news stories from around the U.S. that you may have missed while reading what your ex is doing over the weekend.

Higher Ed degrees: Worth their weight?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. employs “115,000 janitors, 83,000 bartenders, 323,000 restaurant servers and 80,000 heavy-duty truck drivers with bachelor’s degrees.” Read more

Job search tips for college students: How to utilize Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

As a career coach and human resources professional, one of the questions college students ask me is, “Can social media sites help me find a job?” While most students are already aware of the idea of creating a basic LinkedIn profile, many have never considered using Facebook and Twitter to help them find the right internship or job. In today’s competitive job market, recruiters and hiring managers rely on these sites to locate and connect with new talent. Here are some HR insider tips on how to make these social media sites work for your job search. Read more