Changes to FAFSA and What To Do About It

Filling out the FAFSA is frustrating under the best circumstances. While I was excited about some of the ways the application process was made easier this past fall (“Get ready to apply for the FAFSA“), it looks like some of the tools to make life easier actually got harder in the past month. If you’re attending (or applying to) college in one of the states where the FAFSA deadline has already passed, or if you already completed the application: congratulations! You’re done and don’t have to worry.

Get the latest on the new FAFSA changes. (Credit: Iowa State Daily)

Get the latest on the new FAFSA changes. (Credit: Iowa State Daily)

For the rest of us who tend to put things off until the last minute, plan to set some time aside, pull together your parents’ 2015 IRS paperwork, and get ready to manually enter all that data into the FAFSA. The Data Retrieval Tool, which allowed students to grab that data and fill it out almost instantly, has gone down with no revival date in site. Read more

Changes to FAFSA 2017-18: Here’s what you need to know

If you are like most college students, you have some student aid to help you pay for your higher education. FAFSA, aka the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, has undergone some changes this year.

I’ve got the fast facts to help you with all the things you need to know so your college expenses get covered. Read more

Get ready to apply for the FAFSA

It’s that time of year again–your free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) can be filed. It seems earlier than before, right? That’s because this year, there’s an earlier filing date for the FAFSA: the application window opened October 1st. Don’t worry, the application deadline is still way off, but it’s a good thing to check on, because there are FAFSA deadlines at the federal, state, and even college level. (Colleges are being encouraged to set the deadline no earlier than February.)

I know it can be a hassle to apply for federal aid–I needed it for all four years of undergrad–but with some of the new tools, including the handy IRS Data Retrieval tool, the whole process is getting easier. Read more

You ask, we answer: Say what, FAFSA?!

Dear J,

As if I’m not bad enough at filling out my FAFSA on time, there is a whole section asking me for my parents’ income? I asked my parents and they haven’t filed their taxes yet!? What do I do?

Thx- Anthony W

My exact look when filling out FAFSA forms. (Credit:

My exact look when filling out FAFSA forms. (Credit:


Everyone is bad at timing FAFSA forms so don’t feel too bad! The important thing is that you’re getting it done. Now, for the dilemma. Read more

Things college students need to know about federal student aid and FAFSA deadlines

Be sure to educate yourself on any and all financial aid options you are eligible for. (Credit:

Be sure to educate yourself on any and all financial aid options you are eligible for. (Credit:

With the cost of a college education rising each year, you’ll want to take advantage of all the federal student aid that you can qualify for. Spring means that you may be filing for aid and meeting your FAFSA deadlines for submitting paperwork. Now is a good time to review a few of the important points about student aid.

FAFSA deadlines

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It’s the form that begins the process of qualifying for Federal student aid. New FAFSA forms are issued each January. You can get yours from your financial aid office or by going to the official FAFSA site. Read more

Tips for college students filing for FAFSA

Filing for FAFSA can be less stressful with the right research.

Filing for FAFSA can be less stressful with the right research.

Ah January—a time for resolutions, heading back to campus and … filing for FAFSA. Whether you are still applying for college or already on campus, college students soon learn that the beginning of the year is when they have to think about filling out financial aid forms to pay for next year’s classes. Read on for some tips for college students (and parents!) on how to navigate the world of financial aid and FAFSA.

Financial aid basics

First, know you are not alone. More people than you can count have managed to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, aka FAFSA, and lived to tell about the experience. But having a little bit of inside know-how won’t hurt you. Margene Walz wrote “January is FAFSA month for college students and their parents” on January 7, 2014, for the Orange County Breeze, which offered some expert advice on handling this all-too-intimidating task. Read more

Seven fast FAFSA tips: How to jumpstart your federal student financial aid application

The end of winter break brings the beginning of the federal student aid application season. But, don’t sweat it! Whether this is your first time dealing with financial aid or you’re planning your FAFSA renewal, there are several basic tips that can help you better understand the FAFSA process. You can earn a competitive edge in securing the federal student aid you need to help pay your tuition and other important school-related expenses. Read more