Do-it-yourself gift ideas to fit your budget

Let’s face it; you’ve got a lot going on and not a lot of money coming in to pay for it all, right? Weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, Mother’s/Father’s Day, it’s all going to be coming up in the next 3 months and you’re going to need to plan ahead and set a budget to make the most of it and show your loved ones that you care.

Give a great gift without breaking the bank. (Credit: Suzy Ogé)

Give a great gift without breaking the bank. (Credit: Suzy Ogé)

Here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas that will be sure to fit your budget! Read more

Mother’s Day gift ideas for college students on a budget

Dear ol’ mom. There’s really no sufficient way to thank her for all she has done for you over the years—from taking care of you when you were a baby, to taking care of you when you were sick, to still trying to take care of you now that you are living hundreds of miles away. But Mother’s Day gives you an opportunity to blast her with the love, while hopefully not blasting your wallet. Now you just need some Mother’s Day gift ideas on a budget! Don’t despair college students! You can make your mom feel special with just a little effort.

For Mother's Day, prepare breakfast in bed for your mom. (Credit: Thinkstock)

For Mother’s Day, prepare breakfast in bed for your mom. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Family first

Nothing is likely to make mom happier than spending a little time with you on Mother’s Day. For college students on a budget, nothing comes cheaper than the gift of time. But if you want to step it up just a wee bit, you could also consider making a family-focused gift for mom. Read more

Creative Valentines Day gifts for her, for him, for them!

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

Cheesy anthropomorphic valentine, circa 1950–1960 … Hopefully, you can top this.

Let’s face it: Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and if you have a significant other, he or she will probably expect something. Instead of forking over your hard earned cash on roses that won’t last a week, consider these thoughtful, yet unique, creative Valentines Day gift ideas for her and for him. Unattached? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to have fun on this holiday that is all about the love.

What to give her?

Alright, listen up. If you have a girlfriend on February 14th, then you really do have to get her something (even if she insists you shouldn’t spend a lot of money). Read more

The cash-strapped college student’s top 5 homemade gift ideas for the holiday season

Personalized Gift Basket

Personalized Gift Basket

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start that elusive task of finding gifts for your loved ones. For many cash-strapped college students, the thought can be daunting, especially when different people have different expectations when it comes to gift giving. Embrace the challenge and keep the ideas flowing, even if the cash isn’t. Take a look at this list of top 5 homemade gift ideas that just might surprise.

Handmade savory or sweet goodies

Cooking may or may not be your strongsuit, but who’s keeping track? For  the many people in your life, food is likely the way to their hearts and when it comes to gift giving, it’s all about the gesture. Read more

Honor your dad with these Father’s Day gift ideas he’s sure to love!

Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift year after year for your dad can be stressful, but don’t worry; your #1 fan will love anything you’ve put thought into. Try any of these great Father’s Day gift ideas to show your dad how much you care.

For the dad who loves adventure

If you have a dad who is always looking for a thrill, why not send him off a plane — with a parachute and a guide, of course? Read more

Make it a day to remember with Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom

Vera Bradley bag

Vera Bradley bag

Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift can be stressful, especially when you’re doing it last minute. Here are some budget-friendly ideas that any mom is sure to love — be sure to ask for a gift receipt, just in case!

Is your mom always on-the-go?

If you have a mom who travels a lot for business or pleasure, maybe she’d like something pretty to ease the pain of living out of a suitcase. Vera Bradley offers beautiful bags of all styles and colors and even features a travel section where you can find items such as: Read more

College graduation gift ideas you should be hinting for from parents and grandparents

Pebble E-Paper Watch

Pebble E-Paper Watch (© Pebble Technology)

Ah graduation, a time for thinking of the future, sure, but also a time for gifts! Every soon-to-be-grad knows they can count on Mom and Dad or their grandparents to recognize the occasion with a special present or memento. Why not celebrate years of student success and be prepared with some hints or suggestions to get your family pointed in the right direction to encourage your big launch into the professional world.

The fun

Forget what you may need for a moment, what do you want? You may be about to graduate from college, but it doesn’t mean you still don’t like your “toys.” Read more