Considering a Double Major? Let’s Weigh the Pros and Cons

While some college students have trouble deciding on one major, others are interested in so many things they may want to take two. About 20% of college graduates have a double major. There are several pros and cons to this, including taking a toll on your GPA, so students should consider their options before making this big decision.

For me, I actually did a double major, which worked out well. My two majors were related and complemented each other nicely, so I didn’t feel like I was overworked. One major was more for myself and the other was so I could actually get a job! Read more

6 Last Semester Senioritis Do’s And Don’ts

Confession time. I loved my undergrad experience, but last semester of my senior year, it was really hard to stay motivated. I had already technically earned enough credits to graduate, so I was only taking enough credits to stay a part-time student. Something I didn’t realize at the time was that by taking minimum credits, I kept myself off the dean’s list: at my college, you had to be taking 16 credits for the dean’s list, and I was only taking 12. So, on the one hand, it was nice to have an easy spring semester that gave me a chance to look toward my future and not suffer too much from my senioritis (which was definitely in full effect).

On the other hand, even though my GPA was awesome, I missed out on making the dean’s list my last semester as a college student. If you’re in the middle of spring semester already and are suffering from a bad bout of senior year senioritis, check out these do’s and don’ts to stay motivated and keep on top of your goals for graduation. Read more

How high school Senioritis affects GPA and college admission

“Senioritis” is an affliction that hits high school seniors during their second semester. They assume that since colleges have already accepted or rejected them in the spring, the colleges won’t know or care what grades they got in their second semester of senior year.

However, college admissions do want their entire high school transcript, and if they slack off on college requirements, they might not get in. Read more

5 ways to improve your college GPA

You may not think your college GPA is important as long as you graduate and get your degree. But employers look at your GPA, which shows them what kind of a student you were, your ambition and your dedication, all traits that will reflect on you as a prospective employee.

Calculate your GPA. (Credit:

Calculate your GPA. (Credit:

With a good GPA, you have more of a chance of directing your career path. Here are some college tips to calculate your GPA and improve your study habits. Read more

Awkward family conversations and how to navigate them: GPA, love life and social life

Everyone can agree that avoiding questions from family members during the holidays is easier said than done.

Everyone can agree that avoiding questions from family members during the holidays is easier said than done.

So the holidays are around the corner and you know what that means: nosy Aunt Edna and all of your well-intentioned family members will be at the dinner table anxious to grill you about your GPA, love life and social life in college. How are your grades? Are you dating anyone? What do you do on the weekends? Some of us would like to get through college with a little privacy — thank you very much — and for those of you who are with me on this, stay tuned. Here are some tips on how to handle some common scenarios. Read more