What Do I Do After I Graduate College?

I graduated college for the first time back in 2015. Graduation day was so exciting as it marked one, of the many, milestones in my life. I was officially a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology! But as the excitement died down and life continued I was worried about my future, as a student and as an individual.

I already knew what I wanted to be in life; a neuroscientist. I wanted to study and do research to use that knowledge to help other individuals who have neurodegenerative disorders. That is still my goal today. However, getting there is and has been a bumpy road. It doesn’t have to be for you! Read more

College graduation nightmares: “Enjoy the trip, we won’t see you next fall!”

Dear J,

I graduate in 5 days and I have a feeling that I am going to fall on my face when I walk across the stage! Is this normal? What are the chances of that even happening?!


Lexi B

Dear Lexi,

Not to worry, you have a better chance of catching a tomato with your face while you’re on that stage! Read more

3-year degree academic option: pros and cons

I almost got a 3-year academic degree. I worked like heck for three years getting nearly all of my required courses and credits. My senior year was almost unnecessary, except for one or two courses I still needed.

Should you get a 3-year degree? (Credit: Oliver Munday)

Should you get a 3-year degree? (Credit: Oliver Munday)

Rather than assuming a 4-year degree, college students can speed up their academics and graduate in three years instead. Here are some college tips, as well as pros and cons, for a 3-year degree. Read more

The best gift ideas for college grads

If you know anyone who is graduating from college, you’ll want to look at some good gift ideas for their graduation gift. Money is always nice, but if you can’t shower your favorite graduate with cash, think about some diy gifts instead.

Use your creativity when trying to come up with gift ideas. (Credit: lolspots)

Use your creativity when trying to come up with gift ideas. (Credit: lolspots)

After all, something made by your very own hands can mean a lot. Let’s take a look at some diy gift ideas and other good gifts for graduation. Read more