Have yourself a DIY Halloween

It’s time once again for you to gear up for Halloween. While one night might have sufficed when you were a kid, college gives you the opportunity to keep the All Hallow’s Eve jam going on for much longer. A little DIY can go a long way when it comes to your college student budget.

Learn how to create your own DIY Halloween. (Credit: Robeson Design)

Learn how to create your own DIY Halloween. (Credit: Robeson Design)

So whether you lean toward the macabre or the cuter end of the scare spectrum (I personally prefer cute kittens in pumpkins and such), read on for easy to make Halloween decoration ideas and homemade costumes that will maximize your spooky fun. Read more

8 Halloween party do’s and don’ts for college students

So this year, you’ve decided to forego each and every lame college Halloween party and throw your own bash. Kudos! Whether you’re a party planning novice or known around campus as the soiree guru, there are a few extra steps you MUST take for Halloween.

These Halloween party ideas and tips are sure to keep you and your guests festive until the wee hours of the morning — that is, if you want them invading your space for that long! Read more

Halloween history around the world

Why do we celebrate Halloween? Well, the candy may be one good reason. It might interest you to know that Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.

There's more to Halloween than just candy. (Credit:

There’s more to Halloween than just candy. (Credit:

But let’s look into just how did Halloween start. Halloween traditions don’t just center on candy. You can look back to ancient Ireland for the beginning of Halloween history. Traditional Halloween ideas like handing out treats actually began as a way to ward off spirits of the dead who were believed to roam free on hallows eve. Read more

Most haunted college campuses in the U.S.

Halloween is quickly approaching and while it may not be appropriate to dress up and go door to door asking for candy from strangers, it is appropriate to seek out haunted ghost stories that will have you wishing you were back home under the watchful eyes of your parents.

Here are the top most haunted college campuses in the U.S., and the stories that make their students sleep with one eye open. Read more

Scary prank videos and other tricks for Halloween

Office prank where desks have been covered with Halloween effects. (Courtesy of Joe Goldberg)

Office prank where desks have been covered with Halloween effects. (Courtesy of Joe Goldberg)

Need ideas for the perfect Halloween? You’ll get more than a few when you check out the many scary prank videos on the Internet. You can get your ghoul on with inspiration from the haunted shopping cart to the telekinetic girl who has a Carrie-style breakdown in a coffee shop. It’s that time of year when you can let yourself go and enter the world of the weird and absurd. Let’s check out the highlights.

History of Halloween

Just how did we start celebrating such a strange holiday? Most texts attribute Halloween’s beginning to ancient Celtic religious festivals like Samhain. At that time, November 1 was the beginning of the New Year. Read more

From Halloween costume ideas to fun Halloween party games: How to be spooktacular this season

Halloween ideasHalloween nostalgia may bring back memories of bags filled with candy, spooky ghost stories and outlandish costumes — and this is only from last year. This fall, be the hit of your campus! Here are some Halloween costume ideas that will make you the center of attention at every gala. Throwing your own shindig? Learn how to tie everything together using a theme, offering spooky fare and planning fun Halloween party games without blowing next term’s textbook budget!

Be the best dressed

Buying a Halloween costume is so passé. So, this year, great your creative juices flowing and come up with something completely you! Read more