It’s Cold Outside… So Let’s Warm Up!

Temperatures are dropping across the country as winter weather sets in. For some college students, this may be your first encounter with truly frigid temperatures or snow.

I’ve got some DIY how to tips for surviving the cold and keeping you warm and toasty. Read more

College students—DIY ways to beat the winter blues

Whether you simply prefer the warmer months or you truly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD), the winter blues can be a real thing that affects up to one out of four adults, including college students.

So if you want to fight back this year, read on for some DIY tips on how to beat the winter blues. Read more

How to save money the DIY way on college

It seems like not a day goes by that you don’t hear something in the news about the high price of education for college students. From student loan debt to constantly increasing tuition costs, there seems to be a never-ending stream of expenses.

What about some great ideas to save money while you are earning that degree? I’ve compiled a quick DIY how-to guide to help you keep your college costs down. Read more

Tips on how to have the best nap ever – YES!

If you haven’t heard all the noise about the benefits of napping, well … maybe you already know how to take a nap and don’t need any life hacks to help!

What helps you take the best possible nap? (Credit: Expertrain)

What helps you take the best possible nap? (Credit: Expertrain)

But if you’re as crazed and tired and overwhelmed as most college students, a few how to pointers could make all the difference for you when it comes to sneaking in those all-important naps. Read more

How to make your video go viral

I was just reading the other day about how Kevin Olusola became a part of the A Capella group Pentatonix because they liked a viral video he posted of himself celloboxing. Some videos go viral in complete surprise to their creators. Others, though, become viral videos due to some hard work by the creator before and after posting.

If you want to know how to make your own viral video, or just upload a YouTube video, check out these tips. I wish I’d known more of them when I created my own book trailer! Read more

8 ways on how to be the perfect Valentine

It’s time to show your special valentine how much you care about them! But do you know how you’re going to celebrate?

Here are some ideas for how to go about your special day: Read more

How to stretch your college budget

You think you already know the answer to this question on how to maintain a solid college budget (old, leftover pizza and ramen, duh). In all seriousness, you and I both know everyone gets sick of that same old eating routine after a few days! Why feel like you must deprive yourself of the good things in life in order to save a few bucks here and there?

Sure, pizza is delicious – especially leftovers the following day! – but give it another day, or two or three, and you’re DONE. Let’s discuss some other ways on how you can stretch your college budget and get more of what you want. Read more

Things you need to know about how to get internships

College students need internships, right? That is the common wisdom, but there are things you need to know to make that happen — for instance, how to find internships in the first place.

Internships play a key role in helping you find a job after college. (Credit:

Internships play a key role in helping you find a job after college. (Credit:

Or what’s the difference between paid and unpaid internships in terms of your future career prospects. Here’s the inside scoop to help you today and in the future. Read more

College students: DIY college survival kit ideas for every occasion

Heading off to college may be your first experience of being away from your family for an extended time. When the going gets tough, who’s going to be there to support you and soothe your hurts and fears? Well, you can do it yourself with a few handy supplies. Start now to learn how to create your own basic college survival kit.

What would you include in a college survival kit? (Credit: Alex Fahey)

What would you include in a college survival kit? (Credit: Alex Fahey)

Most college students need more than the basic kit though. How about a kit for the day after a frat party? Or when your best friend is going through a break-up? Here are a few DIY ideas on college survival kits for different occasions. Read more

How to bust the rumor mill and detect a lie

Did you hear the story of the college student who drank too much at a party and woke up in a bathtub without his kidney? Is it true? College students encounter all sorts of rumors and stories that spread on campus. The Internet and social media have added to the power of the rumor mill.

Find out here how to detect what is or is not a rumor. (Credit: The Adult Side of Disney)

Find out here how to detect what is or is not a rumor. (Credit: The Adult Side of Disney)

Now is a good time to learn how to research the stories, rumors, viral content and news broadcasts. It’s time to bolster your “BS meter” so that you’re not scammed. Here’s a brief guide on how to bust the rumor mill. Read more