Preparing For a Hurricane in College

College students are famous for procrastination, but preparing for a hurricane should not be something we procrastinate.

I’m from South Florida, and I’ve had a lot of personal experiences with hurricanes. When I moved from Florida to Tennessee, I stopped taking hurricane warnings seriously. I quickly learned this was unwise when the city of Tallahassee was out of power for four days, and every nearby supermarket was cleaned out of basic supplies. Read more

Preparing for all types of natural disasters — College students and Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy 10/28/2012

Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern states early this week and has already severely impacted many densely populated areas, leaving cities flooded and millions without power. Governors in both New York and New Jersey declared these areas “states of emergency.” Even if you are a West Coaster who won’t be affected by Sandy, this should get you thinking about how to prepare for all types of natural disasters. Check out these tips to help keep you safe in the event that a natural disaster strikes in your area — or if atrocities occur with the end of the Mayan calendar (just kidding — there is no scientific evidence that this is going to occur; if you are still uncertain, just visit NASA‘s website).

Hurricane Sandy

In preparation of Sandy’s arrival, Eastern states shut down public transportation systems, blocked off major bridges, cancelled schools and closed public offices — even the casinos in Atlantic City were forced to shut their doors. Read more