The hidden gems of summer jobs for college students

It’s officially summer break! You know what that means? Plenty of sun and relaxation… OH WAIT, you want (or need) a summer job? There are a handful of options available to you. You just have to do your research on the best summer jobs.

A dog walker would be considered one of many good summer jobs. (Credit: US News)

A dog walker would be considered one of many good summer jobs. (Credit: US News)

Here we show you some great ideas for summer jobs that will almost make it seem like you’re having fun and not working! Read more

Things you need to know about how to get internships

College students need internships, right? That is the common wisdom, but there are things you need to know to make that happen — for instance, how to find internships in the first place.

Internships play a key role in helping you find a job after college. (Credit:

Internships play a key role in helping you find a job after college. (Credit:

Or what’s the difference between paid and unpaid internships in terms of your future career prospects. Here’s the inside scoop to help you today and in the future. Read more

A guide to an amazing college experience

As a senior who’s graduating this year, I’ve begun to reflect on my college experience. Looking back at it all, I don’t regret anything. Everything that happened has taught me something. It has allowed me to become the person I am. Even though I don’t regret anything, I wish I didn’t always have to learn the hard way.

I’d like to save you from making the same mistakes I did. Below is a list of everything I wish I knew coming into freshman year: Read more

The truth about unpaid internships

For college students, getting an internship is one more step toward a career. Prospective employers like to see internships on resumes, and internships provide real work experience that adds to your academics and helps you be prepared for a career path after graduation.

Learn more about unpaid internships. (Credit: University Times)

Learn more about unpaid internships. (Credit: University Times)

But when considering your prospects of getting a job offer, there is a significant difference between paid and unpaid internships. Read more

Internships and other ideas to help you choose the right career path

What’s your college major? Fellow college students and others who want to get acquainted with you will want to know. By the way, you need to know, too! It helps when choosing courses. The best career path for you may be one that you haven’t considered.

Defining your career path in college can be difficult. (Credit: Career Services)

Defining your career path in college can be difficult. (Credit: Career Services)

A visit to your campus career center is a good start. Also knowing how to get an internship will help you to check out the best careers from the field of possibilities. Let’s take a look at how you can “try on” different careers before you make a commitment and spend years of studying. Read more

Is a summer internship in your future? It’s time to apply for internships

Senator Rodney Ellis and the Texas Legislative Internship Program, Class of 2013. (Credit: Texas Senate Media Services)

Senator Rodney Ellis and the Texas Legislative Internship Program, Class of 2013. (Credit: Texas Senate Media Services)

The winter break is a time to rest, celebrate and apply for a summer internship. Wait, what? That’s right. It’s time to start looking into internships for summer 2014. Why so early? Because most internships require you to follow a set procedure to apply and be accepted. Plus, you need time to find the best internships to apply for. Let’s get started.

Summer internship benefits

Why is an internship a good idea? There are many benefits including: valuable experience that you can put on your resume, the ability to make connections with people in your chosen profession, class credit and job offers after graduation. Read more

Fair Labor Standards Act ruling: Judge says unpaid student internships illegal

Unpaid internship

internship (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, a federal judge ruled that three unpaid internships were in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The ruling concerned interns for Fox Searchlight Pictures but it may have far-reaching effects that could eventually render the practice of unpaid student internships illegal. In recent years we have seen the number of unpaid internships grow as both employers and colleges take advantage of the fact that students who crave experience and references are willing to work for free. Read more

Why to consider an on campus job or internship…and which ones to snatch up!

On campus jobWhether or not to work during college is a tough decision for a university student to make. On one hand, it would be great to have some extra spending cash. On the other hand, a part-time job might eat into your study time, take away your relaxation on weekends and erase your social life. Fear not! An on campus job doesn’t have to turn into a career — and there are some great ones out there that offer stellar hours and fair pay. Need a student internship? That counts as working, too. So, read on to see how holding a job can help you during and after your university years — and don’t forget to take a peek at some of the best jobs and internships out there! Read more

How to lose your internship in 10 easy steps

(p.s. — Don’t do these things!)

So, you’ve finally secured your dream internship. You may think it’s smooth sailing from here on out, but internships call for a lot of hard work and dedication. You could easily lose your internship if you’re not careful. Steer clear of these 10 simple mistakes, and you’ll walk away with a rewarding internship experience.

  1. Arrive late everyday: Yep. Being the last one in the office every morning is a good idea if you really hate the place and want to get canned. Otherwise, invest in a Clocky Alarm Clock on wheels and get to work on time.
  2. Dress like you’re in last night’s party clothes: If the office you’re working in is business casual, please don’t go in dressing like you’ve spent the night drinking martinis, passed out on the floor fully dressed, and walked into work wearing the same outfit. Be professional. Take a hint from Virginia Tech’s Career Service department on how to dress business casual. Read more

2012 Summer job and internship ideas: Get started now

Summer jobs and internships

Lifeguard by Flickr ganessas

Summer break is just around the corner but you have time to land a summer job if you get started now. Plenty of jobs sites will help you narrow your search to the type of job that you’re looking for. While a summer job is not likely to be related to your major, an internship can be arranged that will help you fill in your resume with some real-world experience to help you jumpstart your career. Because it takes longer to get accepted for an internship, don’t wait another second to apply. Here’s what you need to know.

Summer jobs — You can get hired now

You’re probably an old hand by now at summer jobs, so you know what you can typically expect to find. Read more