Create a digital portfolio: Your job search strategy is out of date

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, new data shows that what you thought was important in your job search may not be what recruiters and employers are looking for.

Get started on your digital portfolio today! (Credit: Pathbrite)

Get started on your digital portfolio today! (Credit: Pathbrite)

We’ve already seen evidence in the past that your college GPA doesn’t have that much impact on your job search, but a new study from Jobvite is showing that your cover letter doesn’t hold much sway with recruiters either. 63% of recruiters surveyed said that your cover letter is the least important aspect of your profile, and “57% said GPAs were practically irrelevant.” Read more

How to network: Top six networking tips for college student success

Job fair

Job fair (Photo by USDAgov)

Multiple studies, as well as real world experience, repeatedly demonstrate that networking can be one of the single most powerful methods for securing a job or internship. This fact is especially true for college students who will soon be entering the job market for the first time. However, many students are not sure where to start when learning how to network. The following are six networking tips for student success that will help increase your competitive advantage and visibility in the marketplace. Read more

How to find internships and summer jobs that offer experience in your field of study

Job fair

Job fair by Flickr USDAgov

Gaining useful experience through internships and summer jobs is an important part of preparing yourself for the workforce after college. If you’re at a loss for where to start, check out these tips to help begin your job search.

Where to begin

Internships are a great way to gain experience in your future career, and as Alexandra Kent writes in her March 25, 2012 article “Students face choice between internships, jobs” for the Central Florida Future, “An internship can even give a leg-up in the company that a student would like to work full-time in the future.” Read more

Jobs and internships: The benefits studying abroad may have on your career

We’ve all heard that the job market is difficult these days, and it will take something special to set your application apart from the others. What better way to show you’re capable of being thrown into unfamiliar situations and thriving than by signing up to study abroad in a foreign country?

It may sound scary or expensive, but if you consider everything you’ll gain from spending a semester abroad in Barcelona, as opposed to sticking around that boring college town you’re in now, you may earn a better chance at scoring offers for jobs and internships upon graduating. Read more