Shark Week’s Megalodon and Sharknado are fake, but are shark attacks increasing?

SharknadoUnless you were living under a rock, it was hard to escape the onslaught of shark news this summer, between the Discovery Channel’s latest foray to beef up their now infamous “Shark Week,” Megalodon, and SyFy’s Sharknado. While both efforts were fake, many continue to question whether or not shark attacks are increasing.

The truth about a “sharknado”

While both shows—Megalodon and Sharknado—garnered a lot of attention, the campiness of disaster flick Sharknado, in which a freak storm causes man-eating sharks to infest Los Angeles inside waterspouts, seems to have really captured the collective imagination. So could such a thing as a sharknado actually happen? According to the experts writing at the blog Deep Sea News, the answer to whether or not Megalodon exists is a resounding no, however science has yet to fully disprove the possibility of a sharknado. Read more