Life hacks for planning what to do after graduation

For thousands of college students, graduation is just a few weeks away. College graduation is the beginning of your career, or grad school. I mean, it could go either way. Getting a master’s degree could help you to get a better job and higher earnings. And it has the added benefit of putting off getting a job for at least two more years.

What are your plans after graduation? (Credit:

What are your plans after graduation? (Credit:

But more schooling means more debt, too. There could be other possibilities that don’t involve school. Let’s look at some life hacks to help you figure out what to do after graduation. Read more

College life: How to decide if graduate school is right for you

Deciding to apply for and attend graduate school is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Perhaps you’re nearing the end of your undergraduate program, or maybe you’ve just started and like planning ahead. There are important questions to ask yourself (and a counselor) about whether graduate school is right for you. College life is full of important decisions and you’ll want to do your research before applying to grad school. Read more