After a bad midterm exam: College tips to improve academics

Always keep in mind that it's never too late to succeed.

Always keep in mind that it’s never too late to succeed.

Bad midterms are not the end of the world. Student success doesn’t hinge on one test. There are ways for college students to improve study habits and get a better grade on your subsequent tests and final exam. Did you suffer from a lousy midterm exam? Worried your academics aren’t up to par? Here are some tips for college students to study better and improve your overall grade in the class.

Don’t get discouraged

Grace Fleming wrote in “Improving Bad Grades: Change Your Habits and Improve Your Grades” for’s Homework/Study Tips: “It is easy to get the blues when you receive low scores on a big test or a homework assignment, but you can’t let poor performance get you down. There is always time to make things better. … Just don’t get down on yourself!” Read more