Conflict in Egypt: Stay informed with CengageBrain

President Mohamed Morsi

President Mohamed Morsi (Photo credit: European External Action Service – EEAS)

If you’ve been too consumed with beaches and bonfires to pay attention to the news this week, you’ve likely missed what’s going on in Egypt. With a little help from our research team, CengageBrain will keep you in the know on the world news so you can stay informed.

Curfew enacted; shuts down capital

Author for the blog The Lede, Robert Mackey, reports in his August 16, 2013, post “Aug. 16 Updates on Protests in Egypt” that a forceful curfew on Friday, August 16, left the streets of the capital, which are normally packed with a vibrant crowd, “quiet after sunset.” Nearly 640 people were killed after two sit-ins were violently broken up by security forces this past Wednesday. Another 173 were killed on Friday during violent clashes of supporters for the recently ousted president, Mohamed Morsi. Read more