Public speaking presentation for the job interview and business meeting

In order to feel more confident with your public speaking skills, the best method would be practice, practice, practice.

In order to feel more confident with your public speaking skills, the best method would be practice, practice, practice.

Effective public speaking presentation is an essential lifetime skill; it isn’t just a class in college. Speaking clearly and effectively inside and outside the classroom is a valuable and essential skill. It shows that you are confident and knowledgeable about what you’re saying. It also helps you persuade your audience to take an action. Public speaking skills help you in a job interview, business meeting, networking and communicating with peers and teachers.

Why do I need public speaking skills?

Karen Burns wrote in “Why You Need to Be a Decent Public Speaker” June 9, 2010, in “What better way to shine at job interviews, or in staff meetings or at business luncheons than to express yourself clearly, confidently, coherently and concisely? Speaking makes you visible. Speaking makes you memorable. Speaking can even make you look smarter than you really are.” Read more

How to find the college internship of your dreams

Interviewing and networking

The internship hunt begins with networking and interviewing

You’ve been studying hard, working your way toward that golden diploma at the end of tunnel. Perhaps you already have a career path in sight. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s never too early to start thinking about putting the wheels in motion toward your first big job. But how do you do that? One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to get an internship. Internships offer you the unique opportunity to not only get some work experience under your belt in your chosen field, they’re also a great way to get real references from those you’re working with; which, as you know, could help you land your first big job! Read more

How to network: Top six networking tips for college student success

Job fair

Job fair (Photo by USDAgov)

Multiple studies, as well as real world experience, repeatedly demonstrate that networking can be one of the single most powerful methods for securing a job or internship. This fact is especially true for college students who will soon be entering the job market for the first time. However, many students are not sure where to start when learning how to network. The following are six networking tips for student success that will help increase your competitive advantage and visibility in the marketplace. Read more

How can a PLN help educators stay connected?

As an educator, you spend your days in the classroom and your nights preparing lesson plans and grading papers. Occasionally, you attend a conference. What you really need, though, is some time to collaborate with other educators—to share your thoughts and ideas about education. You may not think you have any availability but, believe it or not, there are several new ways for you to connect with other educators and build your own PLN or personal learning network without putting in even more hours every week. Read more