How to have a summer beach party, with or without the beach

One of my favorite summer activities is going to the beach. I grew up in Iowa, and even though I live in Connecticut now, the novelty of living so close to the coast has not worn off. If you live on the coast, you may be planning to have a beach party or two before the fall semester begins. But say you’re miles from a real beach?

What do you suggest bringing to a beach party? (Credit: Goa Streets)

What do you suggest bringing to a beach party? (Credit: Goa Streets)

You can still embrace party themes celebrating all things beachy by organizing a beach party. Have a budget? No problem. You can select party games, foods, and decorations while keeping everything on the cheap. Check out these ideas for indoor or outdoor beach parties this summer. Read more

Top 10 summer vacation ideas for the broke college student

Classes will soon be out, and you want to enjoy your break, right? It’s the perfect time for a little summer vacation. But you are a broke college student, so if you’re going to hit the road, it has to be on the cheap.

Read on for some top destinations that will save money while allowing you to feel like you are living large. Read more