Summer break: How to choose the best gear for your trip!

Camping equipment

Camping equipment

Summer is just beginning — are you stocked up on your favorite outdoor equipment? Check out our tips on how to choose the best gear that’ll ensure your adventures this summer break are top notch!

What the experts say

National Geographic offers up their suggestions for your summer trip in Steve Casimiro’s post titled, “Ultimate Hiking and Camping Gear Guide,” on Here are some top picks that will have you planning that trip before you’re done reading this! Read more

A new spin on spring outdoor activities

Spring activities: Go fly a kiteMust. Get. To. Spring. Now. After a seemingly endless midterm grind, a simple walk or picnic probably sounds like heaven, but we have ideas on how you can pump leisurely activities up to be more exhilarating. Even if you forgot what the sun looks like, remember, there is life off campus, and you deserve a piece of the action. Carpe diem! So grab your BFF, significant other or canine partner in crime and try some of these budget-friendly spring outdoor activities.

Take a hike

If your idea of taking a walk is circling that same old loop around the college track, think again. Read more