Freshman (or any student’s) recommended reading list

Recommended reading material

Recommended reading material (Photo by Liam Quin)

Expand your mind, they tell you in college. Well, reading books is one of the best ways. Colleges often suggest a summer reading list, as well as books required of all freshmen entering in the fall. Now that you’re back at college for the semester, take a look at these contemporary and classic books, history and philosophy books and fun and poignant books to get you back in the academic mood.

Colleges assign one book to freshmen

It is becoming common for colleges to assign a single book they want all freshman to read before they start classes. “Colleges say that having everyone read a book together gives new students a shared experience and oftentimes opens them up to a world distinct from their own,” said Peter Jacobs in his August 20, 2013 article, “This is what incoming freshmen at top colleges are reading before they get to campus” for Business Insider. Read more